Thursday, October 11, 2007

Power-Greedy Federal Judge Gives Injunction Against Enforcement of Felony Violations of Immigration Law

From View From The Right [linked in sidebar]" It is reported in USA Today:
A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked a government crackdown on businesses that hire illegal immigrants, saying it could ensnare workers who are legally free to work in the USA. [Auster's comments follow]
On this basis, all enforcement of all laws must cease, since, given that laws are made and enforced by human beings and are therefore all imperfect, all acts of enforcement “could” inconvenience innocent parties in various ways. Indeed, since it always possible that an innocent person might be accused or even convicted of a crime, all laws against all crimes should be abrogated immediately. Then we will finally have true equality again—that same equality that existed, according to Rousseau, before the formation of human society." JB comments: Not so much equality then, as privilege which increases as the willingness and ability to turn to ruthless violence increases. The left always longs for more freedom-for-aggression and the Rousseauvian Noble Savage is a fiction which allows them to pretend that such longings are not malicious. We've been told very frequently that immigration law violations are like parking tickets, strictly minor offenses at most. Presenting an employer with a false social security number, pretending to be someone else, is a felony. Staying after being ordered to leave the country is a felony, as is returning illegally after having been deported. We have millions of illegal alien felons running free here, and dishonorable judges trying to make it easier for them to get away with it. There is also a contradiction for the court to issue an injunction stopping the enforcement of a law on the excuse that it may sometimes be done innaccurately; why doesn't it apply to their authority to issue injunctions? If one is void for fallibility, that should apply first to that judge's power to issue the injunction, since he claims that fallibility voids the enforceability of some state power, but the government in general will never go along with that.

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