Monday, October 1, 2007

'On Invented Phobias' Comment From Brave New World Watch Sept. 30th, 2007

[see sidebar links] The use of "-phobic" means a diagnosis, and, in these instances, one given on the basis of no knowledge of the individual, and almost always with zero to negligible knowledge of psychology as a subject studied formally. That is how x,y or z-phobic is known with certainty to be a smear job; it gets you on the defensive to stutter and blunder, trying to prove you're not x,y or z-phobic. The left laughs at the disgraceful ineptitude of [almost] everyone to their right, who even after more than forty years of this, almost never learns the most obvious thing: you have to say that it's a smear-job and that this means no rational argument is available for the smear-monger's position, which will sometimes have to be inferred from what they criticize. X, Y or Z-centric is much the same, except that it leaves no opening for you to challenge their credentials for diagnosing 'neuroses': these 'phobias' which are NOT in the psychology manuals.


Audacious Epigone said...

It's a baiting technique that has to be confronted immediately. Going down the path guarantees the discussion plummets to personal squabbling, and that no legitimate points will be offered. This is exactly as the one employing the smear wants it, for it is used when no rational argument can be.

John S. Bolton said...

They try to get you to prove that you are not blah-blah-phobic, when the burden of proof is really on them, to say why we need to move in the direction suggested by them. It's also like shystering, if your client is guilty, try to discredit the witnesses. If leftism is guilty, it can still try to discredit its opponents or witnesses against it. This is where made-up phobias and newfound ways of being -centric are altogether too convenient. What I don't see a good explanation for, is why the right falls for this every time it seems, and the more educated and knowledgeable the right-wing spokesman is, the more easily made sport of he is, by the leftist smear-job operatives. Being smarter should make one more able to see what is being attempted, and especially when its been going on in the exact same way for decades.