Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Input: Diversity, Output: Boredom & Fearfulness

To a civilized society, an additional cohort of Diversity makes for a more boring atmosphere; yet a more fearful and panicky one at the same time. It is systematically this way, and the pro-diversity, with complete malice, rejoice in each increment of this effect. The diversity causes a growing and deepening silence, which stupefies with its thickening overlay of boredom. It is caused by speech codes and one-sided 'anti-racism' and 'anti-discrimination', mindless praise of primitive cultural imports, promoted with government money, and ramified with unknown language and other such divides. Language divisions grow, and the power-greedy become jubilant, celebrating diversity, even though it is only fun and hopeful for them. Fear grows and spreads, as the powerful enforce speech codes. As Diversity multiplies, hostile Islam becomes more likely to enter and spawn its terror offensives. The more open to diversity a society is, the more likely it is to be open even to warlike Islam itself. The pro-diversity in such a place are the most predictable in their ideas; their words tortured, unnatural, boring as government anti-discrimination statements, and tormented with fear of giving offense to those who may discriminate with impunity: The Diversity.
Added Friday, August 29, 2008

Valuing Openness To Diversity Is Quite Alien To The Intent Of The Founders
The U. S. constitution does not say that the government shall have power to force or promote openness to diversity. The bill of rights does not mention a right to impose openness to diversity. It is only in more recent and power-greedy times that officials have tried to change the meaning of freedom of dis-association into freedom-FROM-dis-association. Only recently have the fully depraved begun to speak of all foreigners, as having a right to move here on net public subsidy. Such a pretended right would seem to follow, though, if rights are prior to loyalty to fellow citizens over against foreigners.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The American Electorate Will Not Reverence Official Anti-Caucasianism

The Obamanation of Desolation, by Thomas Fleming, is extraordinary in explicitly laying out the conclusion that Obama comes from anti-Caucasianism. Without endorsing all the positions discussed, the main point would be that we are in danger of crossing a threshold, in which anti-Caucasianism becomes, through the possible election of Obama, an Established, State Religion, that is actually accepted by the majority of the electorate, almost like a referendum. That point very much needs to be made, and made more explicit and expanded upon. The establishment of anti-Caucasianism (as a state religion) has so far been the dirty work of tenured professors and shystering federal judges, all of them unelected, and much opposed by the electorate. The anti-democratic features of the republic have been exploited for the purpose of setting up that state religion; the racial one. Now we're asked to support the likely necessary next step, and vote for the candidate who comes from that religion of anti-Caucasian hatred, thus endorsing the official establishment of it.
This point as well, from the same article, is one that needs to be kept to the forefront:
"I can also understand why public school teachers, social workers, and other welfare-dependents vote for politicians who will certainly increase their income and power."
When all the power that is to be had from exploiting official anti-Caucasianism and the responses to it, has been milked dry, then it will be dropped, just as if no one of consequence had ever believed anything of the sort. Think of the Class War Determined by an Iron Law of History, what became of that; was it dropped because it no longer served the power-greed of those who were pushing it?