Monday, October 8, 2007

How May Affirmative Action For Minorities In Military Promotions Be Well Continued While Wars Are Underway?

If you didn't do affirmative action for disadvantaged minorities' promotions in the military, you could raise the recruitment from the majority, since their promotions would now come perhaps twice as fast, on average, above a certain level. The proportion of minority officers was raised rapidly, proceeding by slowing down the promotion rates for whites, yet when wars came, the minority enlistment rates fell and fell. An institution which fails to reward and even punishes its most loyal elements, and even insofar as they are loyal in the difficult days, is auto-destructing. Adversaries are not going to do this, so American power is being pushed relentlessly down, to the sound of shrieks of laughter from the left. From the Boston Globe:"Defense Department statistics show the number of young black enlistees has fallen by more than 58 percent since fiscal year 2000. The Army in particular[...]: In fiscal year 2000, according to the Pentagon statistics, more than 42,000 black men and women applied to enlist; in fiscal year 2005, the most recent for which a racial breakdown is available, just over 17,000 signed up.[...] The decline in enlistment applications among blacks is by far the fastest of any demographic group. Between fiscal 2000 and 2005, white applicants declined by more than 10 percent. Hispanic applicants dropped by almost 7 percent."//

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