Sunday, October 7, 2007

One 'Racism' Does Not Imply Every Other is evident in that they contradict each other. More important though is to fully realize, within microseconds, upon hearing the term racism or its cognates, that there is almost certainly going to be an attempted equivocation and smear job. The equivocation will involve confounding racism [sense 1], which would be a belief in the racial-genetic inheritance of full concepts, with racism [senses 2 through x] not stopping short of racial mass-murder as an end-in-itself. It is as vicious and dishonest as that, plus more. The equivocation will also likely involve some thoroughly fraudulent definition of racism, such as not wanting to give the black man as much as could on a short-term basis be given. On no account may one give the assumption of good faith to one who uses the term racism today; they will have to be assumed to be lying until the strictness of definition is clarified. If you want to use the term, don't, use 'disaffinity' or 'anti-caucasianism', but in any case not the standard smear-terms, instead. The smears are used because no good argument is available, to those who equivocate on the term racism. This must be remembered and responded to instantly before or instead of denying their characterization of you or yours. Example: but America is racist...there's no decent argument for disloyalism regarding America, if there were you'd use it and not the smear approach.

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