Friday, October 12, 2007

A Baneful Positive Feedback Relation Operates Between Egalitarian Doctrines And The Growth of Government Schools As State Propaganda Organs

At the outset, there is no great pressure to get people to believe in the equal potential of everyone, regardless of ability or disability. The public schools then are quite frankly not for everyone, at least not beyond the most basic elementary level. As they grow and become more important for promoting doctrines favorable to power-greed among officials, the egalitarian component becomes more and more emphasized, which favors both the schools' aggrandizement and the growth of state power against freedom. Eventually it falls into a nihilism of radical egalitarian lies, in which everyone is said to be equal in potential regardless of handicap, it becomes a hate crime to suggest otherwise, and the state claims unlimited power to equalize the unequal. This process happens automatically from the long duration of the schools' establishment, no moral strength in the population can resist it for centuries, and the only solution is the separation of schools and state.
From an earlier post: Government Schools, Insofar as They have Expanded Through Increase of Aggression...
...tend to become propaganda organs for the increase of aggression which has been their means of expansion. Added later:

The Positive Feedback, Reciprocating Cycle Between Power-Greed And Anti-Merit Programs [+powerXpublic schools]
Power-greed and anti-merit policies are found together in such close relation that, more of one entails more of the other. The popular desire to move away from anti-merit procedures (such as racialized affirmative action) is intensely resisted, and this resistance may be observed to mount higher as one looks at higher and higher levels of ambition towards positions of power. One explanation of this, is that power rather thoroughly involves the ability to reward with patronage, and there is clearly greater power involved in being able to reach further down below that which a merit system would pick, and systematically so for each increment differential between the two approaches: merit and patronage. If a high level appointeee is 30 or more points of IQ below those whom he was appointed above and past, this indicates a higher degree of power, which could have disregarded merit to this extent. Mainly though, the appointees under the anti-merit proceedings, are loyal to the anti-merit process itself, and not so much to their patrons. This is a weakness of the anti-merit society insofar as it is anti-merit in the above-described way; that those on the pinnacles of it have few who are loyal to them personally.
Another reciprocating mechanism favoring power and public schools:
Loyalty to closed truth is not progressive; not when the goal is total power. Government schools need open minds in order to inculcate the most virulent preferences, which would not often be taught parent-to-child. As government schools grow more encompassing of the lives of the active population, their ability to serve power-greed grows apace. More power in the state, relies on there being more indoctrination; and more ambitious schools need a more powerful government, to fund and empower their expansion along these lines. These interdependencies between government schools' ambition, and the power-greed of officials, set up a reciprocating mechanism, which is a positive feedback one. It builds on itself, and truth and freedom-from-aggression are the predictable victims.
The more that government schools need additional aggression, to increase their scope, the more they will tend to propagandize for freedom-FOR-aggression, and against freedom properly understood. At the end of the process, almost every scholar becomes unspeakably corrupted into mendacity in the service of official power-grabbing.
Combined 6-16-08 from: Monday, June 16, 2008
Power-Greed Is the Ineradicable Evil & Affliction Of Mankind...which no degree of education, wealth, goodwill, idealism, real or staged, can demonstrate the possibility of eliminating. Government schools cannot reasonably be expected to treat power-greed as a permanent refutation, of their scholars' plans, for supposedly perfect societies; they must proceed as if it would spontaneously 'wither away'. Otherwise they would fail to capitalize, on their potential to evolve a positive feedback relation, as between: the increase of state power and their own influence. If one country lags on that feedback reciprocation; it will tend to be averaged back down towards the world's standards of acceptance of tyrants, by immigration, if not otherwise. One reason this occurs, is the need of the power-greedy for advocates other than themselves. Murderers have lawyers, public-relations operators exist for a reason, and so do government schools. If you believe that the above are for the upbuilding of justice, fairness and education, and not primarily because of the advantages of having someone else advocate for one's cause, you have missed something of world-historical importance.
added 7-4-08 from: Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Explaining The Strange Vicarious Power-Greed terms of a specific hatred. There is such a hatred against others' freedom-from-aggression, which shows in the desire to force a broadly distributed freedom-for-aggression, on others. Even if one has no hope of obtaining power for oneself, that special hatred will cause a sympathy with the aggressor. The aggression itself will be felt as falling on others. The power will be seen as if it were one's own, and the wish for the enhancement of that power, is the vicarious power-greed.
Added from: Friday, August 1, 2008

A New Aspect Of The Positive Feedback Mechanism Between Government Schools & Power-Greed Of Officials
First the background: As government schools start to grow, they find that offering more propaganda, tending towards the gratification of the power-greed of officials, gets them more money, jobs and promotions. As the culture becomes more and more about how it is supposedly always better for officials to have more power, to enact more 'progress', a symbiotic relationship between professoriate and officialdom grows and grows, as each feeds into the other's ambitions.The new aspect is this: A national culture may gain advantage over its near rivals, by being first and fastest to achieve the high growth of this symbiotic succoring of the two ambitions; those of the professoriate, and those of the officials. This effect operates like natural selection, though in two ways. One is direct, by conquest of the less academicized, by the more 'progressive' one. The other, much more important, way is for the more power-assisted cultural apparatus, to dominate by superior size and specialization.Unfortunately this power-assist is absolutely corrupting in the end, and it ends like the arrest of Germany. The feedback between propaganda for power and its patronage by those who want more power, even though they have a lot, is so strong and relentless, that it yields complete dictatorship, bent on mass destruction. Germany had accounted for around HALF the world's PhD's in the years just before the dictatorship was established for national socialism.One cause for hope here is that America has stopped enrolling a larger percentage and absolute number of college students, some years back. Humanities and most social sciences here, cannot get graduate students in larger numbers than 40 or more years ago, so there is no scope for hiring more than replacement professors, and often less, in those subjects. This tends to BREAK the feedback mechanism, which depended for centuries on the ambition of scholars for academic jobs, which required systemic growth of government schools of all kinds. Now, the scholars have no great incentive to make propaganda for officials' power-enhancement, other than some of them wishing to become the next Lysenko. The relative effect between nations is also inoperative, as there is no potential Germany, America or Britain out there, not in terms of academic culture. Regardless of how its university system grows, China cannot lead in new ideas with which they could conquer. The relative effect between leading nations was a one-time affair, and won by Germany; but there cannot be another such sweeping of the field academically, any more than there can be a new first establishment of anthropology, sociology, genetics, epidemiology or economics.
Posted by John S. Bolton


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