Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do We Need An Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, Or An Islamopurism Awareness Century?

View From the Right (e.g.10-29) is covering this issue (see sidebar links) of whether Islam as such, or some deviant corner of it, is erupting in terror offensives against civilization.
Islamo-fascism as a descriptor has many marks against it. One of these is that fascism is materialistic more than it is spiritual, but it is never found to be as spiritual as Islam. Fascism is ideological, it has much to say about socialism and capitalism; Islam sets rules for the prosecution of the war of religion against the infidel unto the end of the world. Baathism was what might more reasonably be called Islamo-fascism. Islam has no national myth, it is internationalistic. Islam in one country, no that is not Islamo-puristic. Elites only talk to those of Islamic background who are not puristic about it.

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Anonymous said...

Muslims Against Sharia congratulate David Horowitz FREEDOM CENTER and Mike Adams, Tammy Bruce, Phyllis Chesler, Ann Coulter, Nonie Darwish, Greg Davis, Stephen Gale, David Horowitz, Joe Kaufman, Michael Ledeen, Michael Medved, Alan Nathan, Cyrus Nowrasteh, Daphne Patai, Daniel Pipes, Dennis Prager, Luana Saghieh, Rick Santorum, Jonathan Schanzer, Christina Sommers, Robert Spencer, Brian Sussman, Ed Turzanski, Ibn Warraq and other speakers on the success of the Islamofascism Awareness Week.

Islamofascism (or Islamism) is the main threat facing modern civilization and ignorance about this threat is astounding. We hope that this event becomes regular and reaches every campus.

A great many Westerners do not see the clear distinction between Islam and Islamism (Islamofascism). They need to understand that the difference between Islam and Islamism (Islamofascism) is the same as the difference between Christianity and Christian Identity Movement (White Supremacy Movement).

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