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Immigrants Brought HIV To America Via Haiti As Determined By Genetic Analysis Of Lineages Of The Virus

"Analysis clarifies route of AIDS
The virus from Africa reached the U.S. by way of Haiti, a genetic study shows.
By Jia-Rui Chong, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
October 30, 2007
A genetic analysis of 25-year-old blood samples has outlined a new map of the AIDS virus' journey out of Africa, showing that today's most widespread subtype first emerged in Haiti in the 1960s and arrived in the United States a few years later.

The analysis fills in a gap in the history of the virus, whose migration has been known in only sketchy form from its origin in Africa in the 1930s to its first detection in Los Angeles in 1981.

Dr. Michael Gottlieb, an assistant clinical professor of medicine at UCLA and one of the discoverers of acquired immune deficiency syndrome, said the analysis placed the virus in the United States nearly a decade earlier than previously believed.

"It's pretty clear evidence for Haiti as a steppingstone," he said. "The suggestion that the infection was further below our radar than I'd previously suspected is kind of unnerving."

The analysis, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, focused on a variety of HIV known as subtype B, the most prevalent form in most countries outside of Africa.

Michael Worobey, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Arizona and senior author of the study, analyzed five blood samples collected in 1982 and 1983 from Haitian AIDS patients in Miami.

The samples were held in frozen storage by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Worobey and his colleagues looked at two viral genes and compared their sequences with viruses from around the world.

As a baseline, they used virus samples from Central Africa that are considered some of the earliest forms of the human immunodeficiency virus .

Because viruses constantly mutate, researchers could construct a rough timeline of development by measuring how much the genes in more recent samples had drifted away from their ancestral forms.

The team found that the Haitian samples were genetically the most closely related to the African virus, indicating that they were among the earliest to branch off.

Statistically, researchers found a 99.7% certainty that HIV subtype B originated in Haiti, Worobey said.

Worobey surmised that the virus was brought to Haiti by workers who had gone to the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly known as Zaire, after it became independent in 1960. THE VIRUS APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN CARRIED TO THE UNITED STATES BY HAITIAN IMMIGRANTS[emphasis added by JB] between 1966 and 1972, according to the mutation timeline.

Researchers have debated for years whether the U.S. epidemic came directly from Africa or through Haiti.

They have also debated whether Americans exported the virus to Haiti via a tourist sex trade that flourished in the late 1970s and early '80s. Worobey said the latest study did "a good job of settling the debate. . . . This shows quite clearly that the data is really only consistent with a Haiti-first origin." JB Comments: Valuing openness to this sort of diversity is lethal, and on quite a large scale.
Added 8-17-08 from: Friday, August 15, 2008

Rampaging Natural Enemies Of The Open City
As found on Dr. John Jay Ray's IMMIGRATION WATCH INTERNATIONALquoting from this Source :"...Exotic diseases are on the rise here in the U.S. And although nasty tropical ailments like dengue fever, brucellosis, and schistosomiasis are common in the wilds of Africa, Asia, and South America, they’re becoming hot topics here in States as well. Why? Well, illegal immigration, of course. But no one - especially the media - is willing to come out and tell this truth to the American public. No, that would be offensive to the criminals who stream across our border every day. These diseases from antiquity have no place in 21st century America, but thanks to the unsanitary practices of people from the Third World (liberals would call this part of their “culture”), they’re thriving. And you’ll just love the politically correct euphemism for them: “neglected infections of poverty.” If it didn’t make me so spitting mad, I’d find it hilarious. The cold, hard truth of the matter is that these ailments thrive in conditions that arise from unsanitary living and poor dietary habits. And if that’s offensive to you. well, sorry. It just happens to be the truth.A list of 24 so-called “neglected infections of poverty” were recently listed in a Public Library of Science journal. Many on the list already pose a significant health issue in the U.S., affecting as many as 1 million people. An L.A. Times article I read said that, in the Los Angeles area, the tapeworm infection cysticercosis (which originates with pork, and spreads in crowded, unsanitary conditions) accounts for 10 percent of all seizures that result in emergency room visits. It doesn’t take a huge leap to figure that illegal immigrants in the LA area live in crowded and probably unsanitary conditions. What drives me crazy is that the media is presenting these diseases as though they are diseases of the poor. That’s only partially true. The fact of the matter is that they are typical of the Third World poor, not the American poor. Consider of the source of these diseases: brucellosis is a bacterial infection that comes from unsanitary dairy products. Recently, I wrote to you about the prevalance of “queso fresco” or “bathtub cheese” that’s popular in the immigrant community. That’s where this stuff comes from. Schistosomiasis comes from exposure to water that’s contaminated with freshwater snails. It’s common in South America. I ask you: How many poor folks in the inner cities of the U.S. have had exposure to water contaminated by freshwater snails!?The media and the left are playing a dangerous game with the nation’s public health with their touchy-feely misplaced compassion. Diseased criminals are streaming over our borders and burdening our already overburdened healthcare system with foreign maladies - and no one wants to do anything about it. No one wants to speak the truth or state the facts for fear of being called a racist or a xenophobe. "Quality of population, and the ill effects of tring to force others to act as if they valued openness to damagingly low quality of population, is what is going on here. Pro-diversity even means what one would hope that no intelligent people would ever include in their idea of diversity-value, in effect, they are valuing PATHOGEN diversity. This is another way to know for certain, that unspeakably vicious malice is involved; if you are in effect valuing pathogen diversity along with your general celebration of diversity and openness to it. Not only must there be malice in it, there must be a dishonesty, one that covers for the real aim behind the lies about how diversity makes us stronger and richer in and of itself. Would it be reasonably doubted that officialdom and its professoriate, having once secured the dictatorship and its powers, would still give out this diversity-value line? If not, then the whole dishonest, standards-damaging process would be about power, how to get it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do We Need An Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, Or An Islamopurism Awareness Century?

View From the Right (e.g.10-29) is covering this issue (see sidebar links) of whether Islam as such, or some deviant corner of it, is erupting in terror offensives against civilization.
Islamo-fascism as a descriptor has many marks against it. One of these is that fascism is materialistic more than it is spiritual, but it is never found to be as spiritual as Islam. Fascism is ideological, it has much to say about socialism and capitalism; Islam sets rules for the prosecution of the war of religion against the infidel unto the end of the world. Baathism was what might more reasonably be called Islamo-fascism. Islam has no national myth, it is internationalistic. Islam in one country, no that is not Islamo-puristic. Elites only talk to those of Islamic background who are not puristic about it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Islam Is A Military Indoctrination For Ruthless War Of Religion Against The Infidel

Quoted from the conclusion of Gregory Davis's Religion of Peace?:"The West must awaken to the fact that it is facing nothing less than the resurgence of the greatest war machine in world history: an ideology that holds the killing of others, the plundering of their wealth, the conquering of their lands, the enslavement of their people, and the destruction of their institutions to be among the highest virtues and the stepping stones to salvation. Islam, while it continues to lack a centralized political structure, is nonetheless reacquiring the means of war it has used to such deadly effect in the past. Yet it seems that the secular West today is determined not to hear the bad news.[...] It is hoping that Islam — a religion founded by one of history’s great warlords; a religion that waged wars of aggression and conquest for a thousand years, that slaughtered and enslaved untold millions and invented modern genocide, and that today is the only force in the world that produces terrorism, suicide bombings, hostage-taking, organized rape, and massacres on a global scale — that this strange, seething, violent mass is somehow ‘a religion of peace.’ " JB Comments: The last sentence above apparently should be read with the emphasis 'on a global scale'.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bad Dream Act Withdrawn- Electorate Wakeful To Hugeness Of Amnesty Threat

I was prepared psychologically to write a denunciation of our political leadership for enthusiasm to damage quality of population, as if that were their paramount priority, but that's not needed today. Congratulations to all you alert activists and bloggers who got the messages to the Senate, probably causing them to realize that many were watching, and that what they were about to do, wasn't good to have be observed by the electorate.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Truth On Hispanic Republican Vote Starts To Come Out In Major Media; No Advantage From Loose Immigration Policy Can Be Seen

From Lonewacko of Oct 18th '07 ( see sidebar links)- "Now comes Steven Malanga from City Journal, writing in the Los Angeles Times (link):

...The Latino vote for Bush was far from decisive, however, and it may be years before it plays a pivotal role in a national election. Latinos may represent about 14% of the U.S. population, but they constituted just 6% of the 2004 electorate -- 7.5 million voters out of 125 million. According to Census Bureau data, only 34% of the nation's adult Latino population registered to vote in 2004, and 28% voted. By contrast, 67% of the country's adult white, non-Latino population and 56% of its adult black population voted in 2004. Black voters outnumbered Latino voters nearly 2 to 1 in 2004.

Exit polls taken during 2004 also indicate Latino support for Bush may have been exaggerated. In different polls, Bush's share of the Latino vote ranged from a high of 44% to a low of 33%. Yet subsequent academic studies have estimated Bush's actual level of Latino support at the lower end, somewhere between 35% and 37%. Seen in this context, the "swing" of voters from Bob Dole, who garnered 21% of the Latino vote in 1996, to George W. Bush was hardly historic. In 1984, Ronald Reagan captured 37% of the Latino vote -- a performance at least equal to Bush's. " JB comments: Neither Dole nor Reagan were known for immigration restrictionism.

If Pro-Diversity Be An Anti-Value, How Best May This Be Shown?

If pro-diversity be considered an anti-value, one that is presented as a virtue or value, but in the place where a real value would otherwise be, loyalty is a likely candidate for being the value which would be thus displaced. Foreigners have different loyalties than do we, and pro-diversity favors immigrants and minorities in proportion as they do not share the loyalties of the majority or the citizenry. In general a group counts as diverse insofar as they are hostile to the net taxpayers of the host population, being rarely, if ever, loyal to these over against needy minorities and foreigners. For the majority or the citizenry to become pro-diversity in the above way, would mean losing loyalty to the fellow nationals, such as the net taxpayers, when foreigners and aggressors generally, increase the damage on those to whom loyalty is owed. This is how it occurs that pro-diversity is an anti-value of anti-loyalty, occupying and subverting the place of loyalty; in the above-described ways and perhaps in others not mentioned.
Added 8-9-08 from: Friday, August 8, 2008

If Diversity By Definition Makes Us Better & Enriches Us...
the non-diverse would then, by definition, be the worst and least valuable. That this is established by official aggression, has got to be intended as a racial provocation against the majority. It is the ultimate in divisiveness, and it can't possibly be done for money; it is political and has to be about power. It has to be about how to get power from conflict among groups.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Nibelungen of Britain and American Socialite Science Go After A GIANT For Suggesting Africa Has Poor Prospects From Low Average IQ

James Watson, while having also said not to discriminate on the basis of group findings, has been suspended from his chancellorship of a research establishment by a clique of midget socialite scientists. Like the Katyn Forest killings, the left tries to eliminate the officers and men of distinction while taking over a country. [added another day]
James Watson, by throwing the burden of proof back where it belongs, as in the quotes below, has spoken the unspeakable, or what is considered so, by their anti-culture. This is why no tolerance or even discussion is possible, no matter how great the eminence of one who has spoken these dread words, he must be smeared to oblivion, lest the crack of doom open and swallow up their egalitarian smearocracy, lodged in the government schools and other all-too-willing agencies of state propaganda."A priori, there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual abilities of people geographically separated during their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. "James Watson in the Independent:"We do not yet adequately understand the way in which the different environments in the world have selected over time the genes which determine our capacity to do different things. The overwhelming desire of society today is to assume that equal powers of reason are a universal heritage of humanity. It may well be. But simply wanting this to be the case is not enough. This is not science."These points of Watson's stand unchallenged, undebated and undiscussed, as the anti-cultured cannot afford to give up their position of being able to smear opponents, rather than ever have to argue for their egalitarian assumptions. There is not the least concern for truth on their side, but merely the consideration of positioning oneself so as to be able to dismiss opposition with insults.
Combining this post on the same topic:
from Monday, October 29, 2007

Does America Still Have Room For Men Of Greatness, Such As James Watson...
or has even science become a place with no room for those who dissent from the pieties of the brave new era of aggressive anti-discrimination. Men of greatness will give offense to many; if we can't handle that we won't have any. We'll have only envious mediocre hacks pushing racial quotas as if that were avante-garde, forty years after bureaucrats started implementing them. America- the land of the racially sensitive? It would be better to have one great biologist and near-universal boycotts of disadvantaged minorities than a uniformly sensitive cohort of scientists, but none of them a great man.
Added 6-24-08 from: Friday, October 26, 2007

The Anti-Discrimination Regime Vs. Advancement of Civilization: More Evidence That The two Are Incompatible
The cashiering of James Watson, arguably the world's most eminent living scientist, is powerful evidence that valuing the appearance of anti-discrimination above achievement, means we are driven to expel even the topmost discoverers, to spare the feelings of low-achieving groups. It is happening before your eyes, and there is no other point of disagreement to have precipitated the expulsion of Watson.
Posted by John S. Bolton

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Every Move A Trial Balloon Part II

This is mainly a reposting of a recent entry, added to provide appropriate disclaimers and context to yesterday's posting. Officials and their scholars will try for as much damage (nihilism in practice) as can be got away with (enter circumspection, stage right) at a given time and place. This refers to those who know what they're about, not so much to the go-along-to-get-along types. There are intermediaries such as journalists, but their net effect can be expected to balance out to neutral, especially now as we have internet sources of unofficial broadcasting and narrowcasting of information. The major premiss, though, as to trying for as much damage as can be done, is necessary to explain what otherwise lies unexplained.
Part I, from an earlier post:

Every Move A Trial Balloon: The Official Anti-Culture is Circumspect Nihilism...
...and this may be determined on the hypothesis that officials and their scholars will, in almost every instance, try for as much damage (nihilism in practice) as can be got away with (enter circumspection, stage right) at a given time and place. This refers to those who know what they're about, not so much to the go-along-to-get-along types. There are intermediaries such as journalists, but their net effect can be expected to balance out to neutral, especially now as we have internet sources of unofficial broadcasting and narrowcasting of information. The major premiss, though, as to trying for as much damage as can be done, is necessary to explain what otherwise lies unexplained.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cost of Affirmative Action Estimated at Hundreds of Billions

Affirmative Action: The Robin Hood Effect. by La Griffe du Lion "Calculation of income lost by whites because of affirmative action. In a quintile, the income lost by whites is approximately the difference between the white population of the quintile in a meritocracy and the actual white population, times the midpoint income in the quintile. The sum of these quantities is the net lost income, about $192 billion.
In 1997, because of affirmative action, about $192 billion in income was transferred from whites to preferred minorities. If we perform precisely the same calculation for blacks and Hispanics, we can break down the $192 billion into the amounts gained by each group. We find that $144.3 billion was transferred to blacks and $47.5 billion to Hispanics. Dividing these gains by the respective numbers of black and Hispanic workers, we can compute their average annual income enhancement. In 1997, on average a black was subsidized to the tune of about $9,400; a Hispanic gained an average of about $3,900. The cost of these subsidies was spread over 98,782,000 white workers who suffered an average loss of about $1,900 to pay the bill.
The cascade effect. The net displacement of whites by minorities is not uniformly spread across the quintiles. When high-earning whites are displaced down the employment ladder, they displace other whites downward by exerting pressure on the rung below. The effect is like a cascade. At the bottom there is no rung left. Low IQ whites, who in an affirmative action-free marketplace would be competitive in the $10,000 to $20,000 bracket, now pile up in the lowest-income quintile."

Saturday, October 13, 2007

An Insuperable Contradiction For The Anti-Discrimination Regime In Regard Of Mass Immigration Of The Truly Diverse

Lawrence Auster of View From the Right (linked in sidebar) notes on the 10th of 10-07, that: "The right-liberal, neocon view is: we are a non-discriminatory, non-majoritarian, universal country, in which we admit newcomers on a non-discriminatory basis, and then they or their children assimilate. But this, as Larry points out, is a contradictory statement, since if there's no discrimination to make assimilation happen (and if there's no confident majority doing the discrimination to make the assimilation happen), there can be no assimilation." JB comments: This observation, to be more precise, should say that the more anti-discrimination, or the less discriminatory a society is, the weaker is its power of assimilation, other factors being held constant. As a nation becomes less discriminatory, a positive feedback mechanism tending to destroy the possibilities of assimilation, is established, and the concurrent increase in volume of less-and-less assimilable immigration cohorts, itself facilitated and called-forth by the anti-discrimination regime, accelerates the downward spiral towards ever-worse division and civil war. Foreign wars allow for an increase in power of the government, but civil war, especially between irreconcilable groups, is even more efficient for the establishment of despotism in the nations so far most-resistant to it. Apart from power-greed, there exist the purely malicious motivations.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Baneful Positive Feedback Relation Operates Between Egalitarian Doctrines And The Growth of Government Schools As State Propaganda Organs

At the outset, there is no great pressure to get people to believe in the equal potential of everyone, regardless of ability or disability. The public schools then are quite frankly not for everyone, at least not beyond the most basic elementary level. As they grow and become more important for promoting doctrines favorable to power-greed among officials, the egalitarian component becomes more and more emphasized, which favors both the schools' aggrandizement and the growth of state power against freedom. Eventually it falls into a nihilism of radical egalitarian lies, in which everyone is said to be equal in potential regardless of handicap, it becomes a hate crime to suggest otherwise, and the state claims unlimited power to equalize the unequal. This process happens automatically from the long duration of the schools' establishment, no moral strength in the population can resist it for centuries, and the only solution is the separation of schools and state.
From an earlier post: Government Schools, Insofar as They have Expanded Through Increase of Aggression...
...tend to become propaganda organs for the increase of aggression which has been their means of expansion. Added later:

The Positive Feedback, Reciprocating Cycle Between Power-Greed And Anti-Merit Programs [+powerXpublic schools]
Power-greed and anti-merit policies are found together in such close relation that, more of one entails more of the other. The popular desire to move away from anti-merit procedures (such as racialized affirmative action) is intensely resisted, and this resistance may be observed to mount higher as one looks at higher and higher levels of ambition towards positions of power. One explanation of this, is that power rather thoroughly involves the ability to reward with patronage, and there is clearly greater power involved in being able to reach further down below that which a merit system would pick, and systematically so for each increment differential between the two approaches: merit and patronage. If a high level appointeee is 30 or more points of IQ below those whom he was appointed above and past, this indicates a higher degree of power, which could have disregarded merit to this extent. Mainly though, the appointees under the anti-merit proceedings, are loyal to the anti-merit process itself, and not so much to their patrons. This is a weakness of the anti-merit society insofar as it is anti-merit in the above-described way; that those on the pinnacles of it have few who are loyal to them personally.
Another reciprocating mechanism favoring power and public schools:
Loyalty to closed truth is not progressive; not when the goal is total power. Government schools need open minds in order to inculcate the most virulent preferences, which would not often be taught parent-to-child. As government schools grow more encompassing of the lives of the active population, their ability to serve power-greed grows apace. More power in the state, relies on there being more indoctrination; and more ambitious schools need a more powerful government, to fund and empower their expansion along these lines. These interdependencies between government schools' ambition, and the power-greed of officials, set up a reciprocating mechanism, which is a positive feedback one. It builds on itself, and truth and freedom-from-aggression are the predictable victims.
The more that government schools need additional aggression, to increase their scope, the more they will tend to propagandize for freedom-FOR-aggression, and against freedom properly understood. At the end of the process, almost every scholar becomes unspeakably corrupted into mendacity in the service of official power-grabbing.
Combined 6-16-08 from: Monday, June 16, 2008
Power-Greed Is the Ineradicable Evil & Affliction Of Mankind...which no degree of education, wealth, goodwill, idealism, real or staged, can demonstrate the possibility of eliminating. Government schools cannot reasonably be expected to treat power-greed as a permanent refutation, of their scholars' plans, for supposedly perfect societies; they must proceed as if it would spontaneously 'wither away'. Otherwise they would fail to capitalize, on their potential to evolve a positive feedback relation, as between: the increase of state power and their own influence. If one country lags on that feedback reciprocation; it will tend to be averaged back down towards the world's standards of acceptance of tyrants, by immigration, if not otherwise. One reason this occurs, is the need of the power-greedy for advocates other than themselves. Murderers have lawyers, public-relations operators exist for a reason, and so do government schools. If you believe that the above are for the upbuilding of justice, fairness and education, and not primarily because of the advantages of having someone else advocate for one's cause, you have missed something of world-historical importance.
added 7-4-08 from: Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Explaining The Strange Vicarious Power-Greed terms of a specific hatred. There is such a hatred against others' freedom-from-aggression, which shows in the desire to force a broadly distributed freedom-for-aggression, on others. Even if one has no hope of obtaining power for oneself, that special hatred will cause a sympathy with the aggressor. The aggression itself will be felt as falling on others. The power will be seen as if it were one's own, and the wish for the enhancement of that power, is the vicarious power-greed.
Added from: Friday, August 1, 2008

A New Aspect Of The Positive Feedback Mechanism Between Government Schools & Power-Greed Of Officials
First the background: As government schools start to grow, they find that offering more propaganda, tending towards the gratification of the power-greed of officials, gets them more money, jobs and promotions. As the culture becomes more and more about how it is supposedly always better for officials to have more power, to enact more 'progress', a symbiotic relationship between professoriate and officialdom grows and grows, as each feeds into the other's ambitions.The new aspect is this: A national culture may gain advantage over its near rivals, by being first and fastest to achieve the high growth of this symbiotic succoring of the two ambitions; those of the professoriate, and those of the officials. This effect operates like natural selection, though in two ways. One is direct, by conquest of the less academicized, by the more 'progressive' one. The other, much more important, way is for the more power-assisted cultural apparatus, to dominate by superior size and specialization.Unfortunately this power-assist is absolutely corrupting in the end, and it ends like the arrest of Germany. The feedback between propaganda for power and its patronage by those who want more power, even though they have a lot, is so strong and relentless, that it yields complete dictatorship, bent on mass destruction. Germany had accounted for around HALF the world's PhD's in the years just before the dictatorship was established for national socialism.One cause for hope here is that America has stopped enrolling a larger percentage and absolute number of college students, some years back. Humanities and most social sciences here, cannot get graduate students in larger numbers than 40 or more years ago, so there is no scope for hiring more than replacement professors, and often less, in those subjects. This tends to BREAK the feedback mechanism, which depended for centuries on the ambition of scholars for academic jobs, which required systemic growth of government schools of all kinds. Now, the scholars have no great incentive to make propaganda for officials' power-enhancement, other than some of them wishing to become the next Lysenko. The relative effect between nations is also inoperative, as there is no potential Germany, America or Britain out there, not in terms of academic culture. Regardless of how its university system grows, China cannot lead in new ideas with which they could conquer. The relative effect between leading nations was a one-time affair, and won by Germany; but there cannot be another such sweeping of the field academically, any more than there can be a new first establishment of anthropology, sociology, genetics, epidemiology or economics.
Posted by John S. Bolton

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Power-Greedy Federal Judge Gives Injunction Against Enforcement of Felony Violations of Immigration Law

From View From The Right [linked in sidebar]" It is reported in USA Today:
A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked a government crackdown on businesses that hire illegal immigrants, saying it could ensnare workers who are legally free to work in the USA. [Auster's comments follow]
On this basis, all enforcement of all laws must cease, since, given that laws are made and enforced by human beings and are therefore all imperfect, all acts of enforcement “could” inconvenience innocent parties in various ways. Indeed, since it always possible that an innocent person might be accused or even convicted of a crime, all laws against all crimes should be abrogated immediately. Then we will finally have true equality again—that same equality that existed, according to Rousseau, before the formation of human society." JB comments: Not so much equality then, as privilege which increases as the willingness and ability to turn to ruthless violence increases. The left always longs for more freedom-for-aggression and the Rousseauvian Noble Savage is a fiction which allows them to pretend that such longings are not malicious. We've been told very frequently that immigration law violations are like parking tickets, strictly minor offenses at most. Presenting an employer with a false social security number, pretending to be someone else, is a felony. Staying after being ordered to leave the country is a felony, as is returning illegally after having been deported. We have millions of illegal alien felons running free here, and dishonorable judges trying to make it easier for them to get away with it. There is also a contradiction for the court to issue an injunction stopping the enforcement of a law on the excuse that it may sometimes be done innaccurately; why doesn't it apply to their authority to issue injunctions? If one is void for fallibility, that should apply first to that judge's power to issue the injunction, since he claims that fallibility voids the enforceability of some state power, but the government in general will never go along with that.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Value of Quarantine Vs. The Valuing of Openness

SARS was effectively eliminated by means of quarantine and nothing else. By quarantine alone, and in defiance of cynical demands to maintain openness even to epidemics of lethal disease, the infectious agent of SARS was controlled. If openness is a reasonable value for us, quarantines cannot be. Therefore, openness as a value is not compatible with human life as it exists today, since it would disallow quarantines, and there still occur epidemics which can be controlled by quarantines only.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Refugees Can Be Horrifically Subhuman And Mobilizing Their Wanderings Can Easily Increase Any Such Tendencies

NYT Oct,7th 07 p.A1 :"Every day, 10 new women and girls who have been raped show up at his hospital. Many have been so sadistically attacked from the inside out, butchered by bayonets and assaulted with chunks of wood, that their reproductive and digestive systems are beyond repair.
"We don't know why these rapes are happening, but one thing is clear," said Dr. Mukwege, who works in South Kivu Province, the epicenter of Congo's rape epidemic. "They are done to destroy women."
Eastern Congo is going through another one of its convulsions of violence, and this time it seems that women are being systematically attacked on a scale never before seen here. [...]"The sexual violence in Congo is the worst in the world," said John Holmes, the United Nations under secretary general for humanitarian affairs. "The sheer numbers, the wholesale brutality, the culture of impunity--it's appalling."
[...]elections have not unified the country or significantly strengthened the Congolese government's hand to deal with renegade forces, many of them from outside the country. [...]Large swaths of the country, especially in the east, remain authority-free zones where civilians are at the mercy of heavily armed groups who have made warfare a livelihood and survive by raiding villages and abducting women for ransom. According to victims, one of the newest groups to emerge is called the Rastas, a mysterious gang of dreadlocked fugitives who live deep in the forest, wear shiny tracksuits and Los Angeles Lakers jerseys and are notorious for burning babies, kidnapping women and literally chopping up anybody who gets in their way.
United Nations officials said the so-called Rastas were once part of the Hutu militias who fled Rwanda after committing genocide there in 1994, but now it seems they have split off on their own and specialize in freelance cruelty.[...]In almost all the reported cases, the culprits are described as young men with guns[...] members of paramilitary groups originally from Uganda and Rwanda who have destabilized this area over the past 10 years..." JB Comments: This is what our conspicuous 'anti-racists' hope to bring into the successful societies, by smearing the opponents of such mobilizations.

Democracy, Mass Immigration of Undesirables and The Direction of Flow of Evaluative Information

One great advantage of democracy is that it allows EVALUATIONS to flow from the bottom up to the top. All societies allow raw facts to flow up from the ground level and the frontlines. With less-democratic systems, officials at each level in the hierarchy, arrogantly snort at the effrontery of the next level down, that they would even dare to present an evaluation to be sent up through the pyramid. Now with mass immigration of low quality, we see again this attitude, where those higher in the hierarchy high-handedly dismiss the evaluations rising from the ground level, not least because evaluations are supposed to travel down from the rulers to the ruled, and not in the bottom-to-top direction. The people say they're being parasitized or damaged by mass immigration, and this whole situation gives them negative outlook on the future, democracy can send this information on up, but hierarchy would have it be screened out a little further at each level upwards. Here democracy allows projection of the future to be registered in a bottom-to-top motion, altogether against the direction of flow of information which hierarchy would allow.

Monday, October 8, 2007

How May Affirmative Action For Minorities In Military Promotions Be Well Continued While Wars Are Underway?

If you didn't do affirmative action for disadvantaged minorities' promotions in the military, you could raise the recruitment from the majority, since their promotions would now come perhaps twice as fast, on average, above a certain level. The proportion of minority officers was raised rapidly, proceeding by slowing down the promotion rates for whites, yet when wars came, the minority enlistment rates fell and fell. An institution which fails to reward and even punishes its most loyal elements, and even insofar as they are loyal in the difficult days, is auto-destructing. Adversaries are not going to do this, so American power is being pushed relentlessly down, to the sound of shrieks of laughter from the left. From the Boston Globe:"Defense Department statistics show the number of young black enlistees has fallen by more than 58 percent since fiscal year 2000. The Army in particular[...]: In fiscal year 2000, according to the Pentagon statistics, more than 42,000 black men and women applied to enlist; in fiscal year 2005, the most recent for which a racial breakdown is available, just over 17,000 signed up.[...] The decline in enlistment applications among blacks is by far the fastest of any demographic group. Between fiscal 2000 and 2005, white applicants declined by more than 10 percent. Hispanic applicants dropped by almost 7 percent."//

Sunday, October 7, 2007

One 'Racism' Does Not Imply Every Other is evident in that they contradict each other. More important though is to fully realize, within microseconds, upon hearing the term racism or its cognates, that there is almost certainly going to be an attempted equivocation and smear job. The equivocation will involve confounding racism [sense 1], which would be a belief in the racial-genetic inheritance of full concepts, with racism [senses 2 through x] not stopping short of racial mass-murder as an end-in-itself. It is as vicious and dishonest as that, plus more. The equivocation will also likely involve some thoroughly fraudulent definition of racism, such as not wanting to give the black man as much as could on a short-term basis be given. On no account may one give the assumption of good faith to one who uses the term racism today; they will have to be assumed to be lying until the strictness of definition is clarified. If you want to use the term, don't, use 'disaffinity' or 'anti-caucasianism', but in any case not the standard smear-terms, instead. The smears are used because no good argument is available, to those who equivocate on the term racism. This must be remembered and responded to instantly before or instead of denying their characterization of you or yours. Example: but America is racist...there's no decent argument for disloyalism regarding America, if there were you'd use it and not the smear approach.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Open Admissions as Openness-Valuing, Testing Whether Institutions Create or Merely Reflect, Quality of Population

Institutions which prior to adopting open admissions, were known for high levels of achievement, invariably fell back to the level of the quality of population within them, even though being otherwise still the same institutions. New York City colleges and certain high schools are prime examples of this effect, so much so that,the reversal of the downslide has been shown as well, when standards of admission were raised afterwards, the institutions in several cases came back into their own. Erasmus High school in Brooklyn with local zone students throughout, went from graduating several future Nobel prizewinners per year, within a decade or so, to the low and criminal end of quality of population, even though all the other parts of the institution such as buildings and staff changed little if at all during the main changeover. Nothing but the all-importance of quality of population, and the negligible importance of institutional characteristics net of quality of population changes, can explain this.

The Average Conceptual Ability of a Nation is Determinative

According to Linda Gottfredson, on p.8 of the online version of "Accidents and Intelligence": "No culture can sustain new practices, however, that impose cognitive demands on the general populace that are beyond the capacity of its large cognitive middle." This is why quality of population is everything or nearly so, and institutions mirror, but do not themselves create this quality which is indicated by where the broad middle falls. A country can subdivide itself so thoroughly that one element may have its own middle and its own economy and cultural level, but this will not be able to 'sustain new practices' longterm, as the lower group can hardly be persuaded to believe that it is genetically so unworthy, as to require to be kept from contaminating the upper group.

Friday, October 5, 2007

This Is A Law Of Life: The More Complex The System, The More Risky It Is To Introduce Random Mutational Diversity

"Furthermore, if the mutation rate is high, the size of the genome in question must be small to stay within the bounds of the speed limit -- thus organisms that tend to mutate quickly are those with concise genomes, such as viruses and bacteria.

The Shakhnovich speed limit also offers an explanation for observed differences in genome sizes between organisms with genome error correction -- such as bacteria, mammals, birds, and reptiles -- and those without..." From Harvard's Science Daily at

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Moslems Are Not Really Tolerable Immigration Cohorts to Civilized Nations: They Bring the War Of Religion, Sound the Call to Arms

"Muzzling in the Name of Islam
By Paul Marshall
Special to's Think Tank Town
Saturday, September 29, 2007; 12:00 AM
Some of the world's most repressive governments are attempting to use a controversy over a Swedish cartoon to provide legitimacy for their suppression of their critics in the name of respect for Islam. In particular, the Organization of the Islamic Conference is seeking to rewrite international human rights standards to curtail any freedom of expression that threatens their more authoritarian members.
In August, Swedish artist Lars Vilks drew a cartoon with Mohammed's head on a dog's body. He is now in hiding after Al Qaeda in Iraq placed a bounty of $100,000 on his head (with a $50,000 bonus if his throat is slit) and police told him he was no longer safe at home. As with the 2005 Danish Jyllands-Posten cartoons, and the knighting of Salman Rushdie, Muslim ambassadors and the OIC have not only demanded an apology from the Swedes, but are also pushing Western countries to restrict press freedom in the name of preventing "insults" to Islam.
The Iranian foreign ministry protested to Sweden, while Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asserted that "Zionists," "an organized minority who have infiltrated the world," were behind the affair. Pakistan complained and said that "the right to freedom of expression" is inconsistent with "defamation of religions and prophets." JB comments:Consider your religion and its prophet defamed here as well. Formerly these threats were directed at moslem apostates, but now look: they are explicitly making their death threats against others for publishing what Islam doesn't like. This is what the War of Religion is like, and more Islamic hostiles into the better countries means more and worse war of this kind.

Mass Immigration of Affirmative-Action Quota-Eligibles is Deliberate Public Policy For Conflict-Kindling

Each year conflict on a racial-ethnic basis is deliberately increased by officials, by means of mass immigration onto racial-ethnic quota eligibility. If this is continued every year, with never a move back in the other direction, the only stopping point is civil war on a racial-ethnic basis. Therefore, since officials enthuse over this process being continually pushed further, and express disapproval of its reversal through less immigration or less quota enforcement, the correct conclusion is that they want racial-ethnic civil war here. How could they? They could, if they want power and always more of it, and war gives them power, and if civil war is even more effective for getting more power.

Monday, October 1, 2007

'On Invented Phobias' Comment From Brave New World Watch Sept. 30th, 2007

[see sidebar links] The use of "-phobic" means a diagnosis, and, in these instances, one given on the basis of no knowledge of the individual, and almost always with zero to negligible knowledge of psychology as a subject studied formally. That is how x,y or z-phobic is known with certainty to be a smear job; it gets you on the defensive to stutter and blunder, trying to prove you're not x,y or z-phobic. The left laughs at the disgraceful ineptitude of [almost] everyone to their right, who even after more than forty years of this, almost never learns the most obvious thing: you have to say that it's a smear-job and that this means no rational argument is available for the smear-monger's position, which will sometimes have to be inferred from what they criticize. X, Y or Z-centric is much the same, except that it leaves no opening for you to challenge their credentials for diagnosing 'neuroses': these 'phobias' which are NOT in the psychology manuals.