Saturday, October 13, 2007

An Insuperable Contradiction For The Anti-Discrimination Regime In Regard Of Mass Immigration Of The Truly Diverse

Lawrence Auster of View From the Right (linked in sidebar) notes on the 10th of 10-07, that: "The right-liberal, neocon view is: we are a non-discriminatory, non-majoritarian, universal country, in which we admit newcomers on a non-discriminatory basis, and then they or their children assimilate. But this, as Larry points out, is a contradictory statement, since if there's no discrimination to make assimilation happen (and if there's no confident majority doing the discrimination to make the assimilation happen), there can be no assimilation." JB comments: This observation, to be more precise, should say that the more anti-discrimination, or the less discriminatory a society is, the weaker is its power of assimilation, other factors being held constant. As a nation becomes less discriminatory, a positive feedback mechanism tending to destroy the possibilities of assimilation, is established, and the concurrent increase in volume of less-and-less assimilable immigration cohorts, itself facilitated and called-forth by the anti-discrimination regime, accelerates the downward spiral towards ever-worse division and civil war. Foreign wars allow for an increase in power of the government, but civil war, especially between irreconcilable groups, is even more efficient for the establishment of despotism in the nations so far most-resistant to it. Apart from power-greed, there exist the purely malicious motivations.

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