Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bad Dream Act Withdrawn- Electorate Wakeful To Hugeness Of Amnesty Threat

I was prepared psychologically to write a denunciation of our political leadership for enthusiasm to damage quality of population, as if that were their paramount priority, but that's not needed today. Congratulations to all you alert activists and bloggers who got the messages to the Senate, probably causing them to realize that many were watching, and that what they were about to do, wasn't good to have be observed by the electorate.


Audacious Epigone said...

House members have to be taking notice of this perpetual pounding amnesty Senators are receiving. Of course, we have to continue to be alert, but even if something is slipped by in the Senate, I expect the House to shoot it down.

The frontal assault has been thrwarted, but time really isn't on our side. The restrictionist crowd needs to go on the offensive at some point, again.

John S. Bolton said...

The laws are actually fairly strong relative to illegals; that's why they have to keep trying for amnesties. My main point is that the restrictionists don't have to be very numerous to put a spotlight on a dirty deal about to go down, so your messages can count.

Albany said...

Well said.