Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Democracy, Mass Immigration of Undesirables and The Direction of Flow of Evaluative Information

One great advantage of democracy is that it allows EVALUATIONS to flow from the bottom up to the top. All societies allow raw facts to flow up from the ground level and the frontlines. With less-democratic systems, officials at each level in the hierarchy, arrogantly snort at the effrontery of the next level down, that they would even dare to present an evaluation to be sent up through the pyramid. Now with mass immigration of low quality, we see again this attitude, where those higher in the hierarchy high-handedly dismiss the evaluations rising from the ground level, not least because evaluations are supposed to travel down from the rulers to the ruled, and not in the bottom-to-top direction. The people say they're being parasitized or damaged by mass immigration, and this whole situation gives them negative outlook on the future, democracy can send this information on up, but hierarchy would have it be screened out a little further at each level upwards. Here democracy allows projection of the future to be registered in a bottom-to-top motion, altogether against the direction of flow of information which hierarchy would allow.

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