Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Stunningly Barbarous Prevalence Of Anti-Caucasianism Among American Officials Is Revealed In The Hate-Crime Statistics

Found on posting of Nov. 30th, '07:"According to the NCVS [National Crime Victimization Survey], whites are victims of hate crimes at an annual rate of 0.9 per thousand. Given the white population of about 200 million, that works out to an annual count of about 180,000 victimizations. Of these, 54.7%, or about 98,460, are perceived by the victim as anti-white - i.e., motivated by his or her race. If 44% of these were reported to law enforcement, then about 43,322 victimizations perceived by the victim as anti-white hate crimes would have been so reported. But the UCR [Uniform Crime Reporting] puts the number of anti-white hate crimes in 2006 at only 890.
So, apparently, law enforcement accepts as anti-white hate crimes only about 2% of reported victimizations perceived by the victim as anti-white.
In which case we may conclude that law enforcement agencies are more than twenty times as likely to accept and confirm the perceptions of blacks compared to whites that they have been the victims of hate-crimes.[...]
In fact, it turns out that the main reason the NCVS detects so much more hate crime than the UCR is simply because it takes anti-white hate crime so much more seriously. It reports more than a hundred times as much anti-white hate crime, but less than five times as much anti-black hate crime.
Posted by Steve Burton on November 30, 2007"
JB Comments: This indicates a very widespread anti-caucasian policy tendency among officials, and one which could hardly be intended otherwise than as a racial provocation against the majority. If conflict on such a basis serves the ambitions of officials, and the majority is the chief obstacle in front of their power-greed, perhaps this would explain the above-measured anti-caucasianism of these officials, who are using discretion in this sytematic way.

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