Monday, December 10, 2007

The Left As Dhimmi To The Moslem

Wanting to be his dhimmi, or second-class to the moslem, is a disgrace and a shocking weakening of the image of the left. The left , by making common cause politically with Islam, waves white flags before barbarism, beckoning submissively to them. The smear-mongers' tactical advantage that they thus gain by positioning themselves to say racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia etc., against those to their right, as Islam becomes more emboldened to attack, is only valuable so long as the right fails to say: you have only smears, but no rational arguments for any major moves to the left. Alliance with Islam means rejecting modernity and progress, and it demonstrates an encompassing lack of adherence to rationality. The left as an anti-discrimination movement is especially handicapped, when rejecting reason in order to be inclusive towards Islam. Expecting people not to notice the indulgence of conspiracy theories about the Jews, which is so prevalent in Islamic communities regardless of how much freedom or democracy, education or wealth, that they have; is rather unrealistic.

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