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Openness To Diversity Of Adult Illiterates Strengthens And Enriches?

First some backgound links:"According to a recent United Way study, 53% of adults in LA are functionally illiterate.) Steve Sailer
Now Quoting: Heather Hollingsworth, AP, Dec. 18th, '07

"Before Bob Jansen can teach English to the adult immigrants in his lowest-level class, he has to show about a quarter of them how to hold a pencil.

Adult education teachers like Jansen are finding themselves starting from scratch as uneducated immigrants and refugees from conflict regions of Africa and rural areas of Mexico and Central America flock to the United States.

An estimated 400,000 legal and 350,000 illegal immigrants are unable to read or write even in their native language, according to a July 2007 report from the Migration Policy Institute, an independent Washington think tank."
This exemplifies how valuing openness to diversity randomizes quality of population with a highly-pronounced downward tendency. Valuing openness in this way has to mean the annihilation of minimum standards, and those who know what they're doing in promoting openness to diversity can't help but realize it. They must want the destruction of standards, and it takes little understanding of motivation to be aware that this serves power-greed, to preferentially import needy and dependent populations.
The idea that refugees may be singled-out as individuals for political persecution if returned, becomes incredible in the case of illiterates. No regime feels especially threatened by them. Illiterate prospective immigrants are said to somehow have the right to get our fellow citizens to extend the protection of our government to themselves and their relatives; while the net taxpayer of our citizenry is treated as having no right to avoid having incoming foreigners increase the level of aggression on him, and we supposedly have no responsibility to be loyal to him above the foreigner.
Officials may deliberately recruit the most undesirable foreigners, so as to position themselves to smear opposition as it is aroused through ever-greater provocations. There is no rational argument for increasing the power of officials relative to the people's freedom-from-aggression. That's why they need ways to set up the next smear offensives, to get any opposition on the defensive and trying to disprove the smears, and undesirable foreigners are an easy way of doing this.
Since each new demand for increased power for officials has less chance to find honest justification, even more undesirable immigration cohorts will be searched out. For each increment of undesirability, of immigrants or domestic undesirables mobilized towards successful societies or communities, the provocation is greater, and this is the key to getting the smear offensive set up. Officials never have to argue for why we need more undesirables, more dependents, more aggression and more power for them, and less freedom for the good. They just smear those who object, and the opponents placed on the defensive with relentless smearing, never get around to demanding a convincing argument as to why these officials should be trusted with additional power. Right-wing leaders have not told the people this, most likely because they share the power-greed of the others. They may hope to use the same methods themselves, but they're usually much too slow to catch on, to where the new fashion in smearing will appear. They are always late to that party, wading chuckleheadedly through the puddles after the others have almost all moved on. Civilization is being trashed from causes as trifling as these.

Added 7-30-08 from: Monday, July 28, 2008

Assimilation & Valuing Openness To Diversity Mean Forcing High Schools To Graduate English-Illiterate Spanish Speakers?
As found here: Judge says Texas High schools must teach in SpanishIf the power-greedy judge issues a despotic decree to the effect that there is not enough done to graduate bilingual program overstayers, doesn't this mean that the English part of the program is not required for graduation? Or does it mean that they must be kept the full four years, even if they come out with no diploma and no English language literacy beyond the fourth grade level? Either way, it's hard to see how the mass immigration advocates can blame the general public for this arrogation of power by a judge who clearly delights in detonating division and conflict here. There is even more power to be won from that. Given the way the undemocratic features of the republic are manipulated by such as the above judge, the electorate needs to protect the future by opposing mass immigration which, through various such incompatibilities and inequalities, is sure to be fodder for more power-grabs and free-riding.
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