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Diversity, Ottomanization And The Spread Of Mass Murder

"Apparently, freedom of speech is not a human right in Canada. The Canadian Islamic Council that filed the nuisance suit may not win against somebody as globally-connected as Steyn, but the lesson for anybody actually living in Canada is clear [...], it is indicative of how diversity and civil liberties are increasingly in collision. The future of the world may well look like the old Ottoman Empire writ large: multiculturalism on a remarkable scale, but public liberty close to non-existent -- it was simply too dangerous in such a diverse community." Quoted from Steve Sailer 's post of Dec. Bernard Lewis said:

“The authoritarianism present in the Middle East region is not part of the Arab and Muslim traditions, but it has been imported from Europe.”

Despotic regimes have existed since the beginning of history in the mideastern and Islamic lands. Non-authoritarian regimes have never existed there, not in Islamic countries. They can't have got the idea of totally exterminating the Jews from Europe, either , if that is what Lewis actually means by 'authoritarian' in some deceitfully equivocated sense. Now Lewis is going to be contradicted with the relevant facts on the Mufti of Jerusalem, and his introduction of the practice of total extermination of the Jews into several countries of Europe. Below are some timelines indicating the direction of flow of the extermination practices from the Ottoman empire starting with the Armenians [bottom], brought to Europe by the Mufti of Jerusalem, developed into the practice of the total extermination of the Jews, a novelty which had its pilot operations begun under the Mufti in Bosnia, copied from this site on: Amin Al HusseiniAmin Al Husseini

Amin Al Husseini Meets Hitler in Berlin During WWII

Hitler was reportedly content with deporting the Jews out of Europe to Palestine. Husseini perceived this as a threat to his stronghold in Palestine and pushed successfully for the extermination of the European Jews.


Christian Serbian Genocide

Husseini’s Personal Project [xxvi]





Al Husseini meets Croation Nazis
Amin Al Husseini meets Croat Nazi A.Artukovic and M.Budak during WWII.

April 25th. Amin Al-Husseini is made chief architect [xxvii] of Nazi offensive in Bosnia: Serbian-Cyrillic alphabet outlawed. Orthodox Serbs forced to wear Blue armband. Jewish Serbs forced to wear Yellow armband.

While in Bosnia, Amin Al-Husseini takes the title “Protector of Islam”. One hundred thousand (100,000) Bosnian Muslims join the Nazi ranks. They seek Nazi approval to establish autonomous Nazi protectorate for Bosnian Muslims.

Amin Al-Husseini approves the Pejani Plan, calling for the extermination of the Serbian population. Nazi Germany refuses to implement the Pejani plan.

Bosnian ethnic cleansing under Amin al Husseini:

. Orthodox Christian Serbs: 200,000 killed

. Jewish Bosnians: 22,000 killed

. Gypsies: over 40,000 killed

Husseini’s legacy of hatred is a major factor in today’s Bosnia/Herzegovina conflict against the Serbs and their leader Milosevic.

Amin Al Husseini
Amin Al Husseini Inspecting His Muslim Troops. 1943.


10,000 Children Die

Amin Al-Husseini intervenes personally with Nazi High Command to block Red Cross offer of exchanging 10,000 Jewish children for Nazi prisoners of war. They will die in Hitler’s gas chambers. [xxviii]


Nazi Muslims

Bosnia, which he calls ‘the cream of Islam’. It becomes the largest division of the Third Reich Army (26,000 men) and participates actively in the genocide of Serbian and Jewish populations. ‘Hanzar’ was the name given to the dagger worn by officers under the Turkish Ottoman Empire. [xxx] Muslim soldiers pledge allegiance to Nazi regime in official statement prepared by Heinrich Himmler, head of SS Nazi troops


Husseini’s First Taste of Jihad

Allegiance to Ottoman EmpireOttoman Officer
Amin Al Husseini: Ottoman Empire Officer

Amin Al-Husseini swears allegiance to the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian genocide [i] . [ii] He is an officer stationed in Smyrna and participates first-hand in the Armenian genocide. One and a half million Christians are slaughtered under the sword of Islamic Jihad by the Ottoman Army. Allegiance to Ottoman Empire and Islamic world take-over will be echoed by Osama Bin Laden in his post-September 11th declaration [iii]

.Amin Al Husseini Amin Al Husseini

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