Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Why Should One Speak Of The Pressing Issues Of Our Time, When One Could Just Imagine A Planet Where Such Issues Have Become Irrelevant?

First off, I want to raise my suspicion that there are radicals on the libertarian and/or economic freedom-loving right, who wish that our officials would succeed in getting racial conflict to go all the way, in such countries as they may feel could thus become ripe for their radical alternative, which otherwise would have much less chance to come into power.
Further, that such radicals would have us remain silent and helpless on these issues, when otherwise more could be done to forestall any trends towards catastrophically increasing racial and ethnic conflict, through advocating sensible palliatives.
It so happens that we have a power-seeking officialdom, a professoriate in their pay, and an unspeakably dishonest shysterdom, which are bent on making the most out of race. They have spent decades on this project of increasing their power through exploiting racial inequalities, and have got their racial programs set up so as to increase the raw materials of racial conflict every year, presumably hoping to win emergency powers thereby. Mass immigration of racial-quota eligibles is lauded and assisted massively. Why should those who value freedom-from-aggression, unilaterally disarm, or muzzle themselves, with the effect of allowing the exploiters of racial feeling to have an effective monopoly and use it to further their power-greed without opposition, except of some apologetic kind? Instead of avoiding, one should welcome, the issues which the left uses to initiate their smear approach against everyone to their right. It gives one an opportunity to point out that there is no rational argument for more power that would decrease our freedom-from-aggression, and that is why the power-greedy have to use their smears of racism and so on.
Another view is quoted below...

From Dr. John J. Ray's Dissecting Leftism: "Does black IQ matter?

[...] So why do I, as a libertarian conservative, continue to expound the science of the matter? There are two reasons: Because we do not live in a libertarian world and because it is my own scientific discipline that is involved and I feel a committment to publicize the truth of the matter.
The second reason I will not expand on [...] The first reason is the important one: Vast errors in public policy are made because of the general refusal to accept the truth of the matter. Race is a most vexed topic in all countries where there is a substantial African minority and the problem is made much worse by the utter failure of many attempts to deal with it. The clearest example is in education.
Because the lesser ability of blacks is not accepted in education circles, every failure of blacks to do well at educational tasks is always attributed to "the system" or "racism". A perfectly normal and natural occurrence is treated as an emergency which must be remedied by hook or by crook. And because the real nature of the problem is not admitted, all the "solutions" that are tried are based on wrong theories so not only fail but normally make the problem worse -- generating much anger and feelings of victimization among blacks at the same time.
One "solution", for instance, is "dumbing down". The requirements for (say) a diploma are watered down so that EVERYBODY (or most anyway) passes. In the course of that, however, the educational requirements for whites have to be lowered too (it would be "racism" otherwise) so that white kids in the same educational institutions are taught and evaluated at a "black" level and consequently receive a much degraded education -- which is a tragedy, however you look at it. For instance, around half of High School graduates trying to entering Florida's public colleges and universities are found to lack the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic -- skills which in more "racist" times were acquired in grade school.
I could go on to multiply examples of how refusals to cope with black realities degrade life for everybody but I think I have said enough to make my point clear. I cover the matter in more detail here. For the record, what I would advocate as regards black educational failure is simply for the authorities to be race blind..." [linkHERE Wednesday, December 26, 2007]


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