Tuesday, December 4, 2007

As Diversity Increases Through Immigration, Ever Less Complementarity With Citizen Labor Is Seen

From CIS:Immigrants in the United States, 2007
A Profile of America’s Foreign-Born Population
November 2007 "...the correlation between native unemployment rates and the share of an occupation that is comprised of immigrants is .80. The square of a correlation, in this case .63, can be interpreted to mean that the presence of immigrants in an occupation explains 63 percent of the variation in native unemployment rates across occupations." JB comments: Occupational categories with above 30% foreign-born participation, have double-digit native-born unemployment rates. Instead of complementarity, this sort of immigration, which is of excess quantity and low quality, yields forced job-sharing, seasonalization and the like. Since the competition is largely from the bottom on up, the unskilled and unproductive are doubled in numbers and set against each other, while the net taxpayer gets to pay for the worse shortfall as larger percentages of both job-sharing groups go on to greater net public subsidy.

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