Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Exposing Major Deceptions On The Characteristics Of Today's Immigrants

We've been told that immigrants are going to support social security as they are younger, but that was a lie. The new CIS report [//www.cis.org/articles/2007/back1007.html]
shows that foreign-born are actually four years OLDER than the population in general. Not only are they older, but their median incomes per person are 30% LOWER when we were told to expect them to have the same or higher incomes. We're being told that immigrants are self-selected for entrepeneurial qualities, but that was deception, since the report shows immigrants less likely than citizens to be that way. Family values are not shown by the 50% illegitimacy currently found among Hispanics, which happens to be the same as in Central America. Weve been dishonestly told that immigrants are unlikely to be on net public subsidy, when their significantly lower median personal incomes, higher rates of lacking medical insurance, and TWO-FOLD greater likelihood of having children enrolled in public school, means that they are overwhelmingly likely to be on net public subsidy. Dishonestly also, we've been led to believe that more numbers in the country makes us stronger relative to national security, but 9-11 showed that to be deceptive, as does the proportion of foreign-born in the military being only half their pro rata share. This pattern of lies and deceptive statements told in support of immigration is so strong that the assumption has to be that one is likely to be lied to by a pro-immigrationist who gives you such information as would tend to make immigrants sound better, or at least not much worse than, the citizenry.

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