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The Greater The Islamic Percentage, The Less The Contribution To The Advancement Of Civilization

It is in this way that allowance for significant Islamic immigration is to be understood. The effect is on per capita, or per million, measures of advancement of civilization. That is, contributions to knowledge globally, not just local improvements in a place which is behind. The effect of Islamic population is independent of per capita income. As seen in the table below,
Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, are at much the same level, even though they are at low, moderate and high per capita incomes, respectively. Algeria shows levels associated with per capita incomes in the hundreds of dollars, while actually being in the middle ranks of incomes. The 'Near East and North Africa' are comparable in population size to Sub-Saharan Africa, while having much higher per capita incomes and hugely larger university staffs in total, yet show, as in the bottom graph, scarcely larger total output of this kind. The countries shown below, which are less than 90% Islamic, India, Malaysia and Thailand, are also 90% or more below the output levels of America and many European nations. For context, America and the top European countries are at 700-1000 or higher on the scale used below:

Table 2. Per capita output of scientific publications of selected emerging and developing countries: 1999–2001.Figure 1. S&E article output of emerging and developing countries by region: 1988–2001. From NSF at this link: Latin America Shows Rapid Rise in S&E Articles
"During the 1980s, the number of scientific publications per million inhabitants was 18 (Brazil), 16 (India), and 15 (the Arab world). The per capita output of the Arab countries is some 2 percent that of industrial countries. In 1990, there were more than 5,000 publications from 700 Arab institutions. Half of these were from 12 institutions, 11 of which were universities. Other institutions involved in publishing were hospitals and agricultural research stations.

R&D in the Arab countries is overwhelmingly of an applied nature. [...] The three leading countries in order of research output are Egypt (37 percent), Saudi Arabia (20 percent), and Kuwait (12 percent). "

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Author Demonstrates Warlike Identity Of Islam By Publishing A Novel
It is encouraging that we have here still some brave intellectuals, unlike the dhimmi-leftists of the government schools of power-worship. Brad Thor is not only intelligent and courageous, he is raking in the millions, doing a job that foreigners won't do. Quoting from an article entitledAngry Muslims threaten life of 'The Last Patriot' author :"Thor says 'Islam is getting a free pass,' and he has the right to write anything he wants to write and Muslims have the 'right not to read it.' He adds that he's tired of the chattering class in Washington glossing over the violent nature of Islam, sugarcoating it as a 'religion of peace' that doesn't need to be reformed."Brad Thor has a character claim evidence that a peaceable Islam was the final word of its prophet, which would abrogate the jihad doctrines. Whether this is true or not, the response of today's Islam to such a claim is so warlike and intolerant, that they demonstrate their unfitness for civilization.Added 7-15-08: 2008The push to criminalize "Islamophobia"
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