Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Do The Ambitious Hate Small-Town America

This effect is showing up prominently today especially regarding Palin. It is not so much a question of looking down on others, but of outright hatred; one without sympathy, but that wishes destruction on its objects.
It is vicious, unprovoked hatred, resembling only that which an adult male feels towards his benefactor who saved him. The ambitious of the large cities, whether it is ambition for power or for money or for opportunity for some rarefied urban career specialization, have repeatedly had to be saved politically by the less ambitious out towards the country.
They, the ambitious, have had to be saved from the consequences of their own politics, in which the ambitions of one sort are treated as dovetailing with the evil ambition, which is to say: Power-greed.
They have had to be just saved, over and over, as if they were hopelessly incompetent and grossly inferior, non-viable life-forms. The awareness of this relation, stings them so long and intensely, that they can only react with hatred towards their benefactors, out in the smaller places.
A prime recent example is the differential support for the EU referendum on the Lisbon treaty in the Irish voting. The ambitious, more educated and metropolitan, were down on all fours licking the boots of the power-greedy EU monstrosity. The less-ambitious, less-specialized, more small-town-living part of the electorate, had to save the more ambitious from the consequences of their own alliance with power-greed.
Doesn't it go without saying that the benefactors will be hated for this. Now we have the same situation with Palin, as representing small-town America and such, and drawing the hatred which calls her part of a trailer park element. At this link: More is to be found that is peculiarly candid:
________"She added nothing to the ticket that the Republicans didn't already have sewn up, the white trash vote, the demographic that sullies America's name..."
The hatred is obvious, and clearly different from just feeling superior, as can be determined by reflecting that disadvantaged minorities would never be described by such a writer as that demographic which "sullies America's name". Those minorities, no matter how outrageously low their common standards of behavior, even compared to what the hate-filled, left-friendly find gratifying to refer to as 'white trash', would not be so described, not by the power-greedy at least. Combine these elements and a clear pattern shows: The power-greedy hate those who constrain their efforts to get a bigger, more powerful bureaucracy, and one with power to share out with the ambitious of the above type.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of any liberal profess any respect for farmers?

We'd starve without them, they literally feed us. Ive heard lefties describe graffiti as "works of art from the voiceless that adorn our city with creativity", but Ive never heard one have one nice thing to say about men who get up at dawn every morning and plant, harvest, care for livestock, de-weed, deal with pesiticides, deal with crop diseases, deal with droughts and snow, plus work outdoors in the elements.

So much of urban liberalism is like Steve Sailer has endlessly pointed out: Whiterpeople trying to prop themselves up as better than OTHER working white people. I sense one reason they do this is that its verbotten to prop oneself up over racial minorities, but there is something more to it than that.

So much of what we decry in American Culture could be eliminated if we could some how, some way, wrest control over media and entertainment from the left. The newspaper syndicates, the networks, and hollywood are all run by leftist. Lets face it: they "make" our culture what it is. They tell us what movies, TV programs, and music we are supposed to like. They tell us what political convictions to hold. They even try to tell us what religious denominations are acceptable and what is prole.

A commenter on one blog pointed out a few weeks ago that if you were in a burning building, and were saved. It would probably be a white "prole" man who saved you. It would not be a urban metrosexual who gets his nails done, obsesses with his appearance, has several relationships with numerous women, has post-patriarichal mores. It almost certainly wouldn't be a woman. Small-town boys fight our wars, grow our food, work in what factories we have left doing hard manual labor, and work on our roads. They ask for practically nothing in return except for a paycheck big enough to raise a family.

They will never be appreciated for it.

John S. Bolton said...

When presumptively responsible men find themselves continually dependent on others, whom they consider to be lower in status, they hate their benefactors. The left-cultural situation comes from the government schools, the endless power contests that arise from their public nature.
The point I was trying to bring out was that there is not just dependency on the work and bravery of the less Progressive, but a cultural political and intellectual dependency as well. Their virtues are our salvation, but the weakness of the more thoroughly propagandized big city progressives, are a constant danger, waiting its chance to break through to total power.