Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 Remembered & Forgotten: The Disaster Of Valuing Openness To Diversity

all the way down, to the foundations of 100-storey buildings, crushed by immigrants. No one else is going to mention this; that these buildings were brought low, and the national military headquarters itself successfully attacked, by immigrants. All were foreign-born; all fully intended to die on this side of the borders, without ever crossing them again. Thousands died because it suited the powerful to insist, that all man are brothers and such that there can be no lasting enemies, that all are equal and discrimination against those who appear unequal is all that one may legitimately discriminate against, that freedom-for-aggression is desirable, but real freedom is not, and that openness to diversity from civilization is valuable, and more and more of such openness, is more and more value. It still looks as though the first line of defense protecting the Capitol and the White House, was the courage, intelligence and initiative of the passengers, amazingly different from our leaders of anti-discrimination, who, even SEVEN YEARS later, have yet to move strongly against the large-scale immigration of Islamic hostiles.


Audacious Epigone said...

Very well put. That is the message to remember from 9/11.

John S. Bolton said...

Thanks, at least it's the one that fits with my theme. Mainly I want to say what others are neglecting from fear of consequences to their standing.