Friday, September 19, 2008

Does Islam In America Know On Which Side Its Bread Is Served?

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"Muslim Arab-Americans favor Obama 84-4.
Obama is doing better among Muslim Arab-Americans than he is among African Americans."
Recall also that this demographic is largely foreign-born, better-educated than the average, cosmopolitan and far above the average level found in their source countries, while travelling often in elite circles hereabouts. In spite of advantages, especially regarding education, this Islamic demographic is indicating political preferences which would be difficult to match outside of a wild and depraved public housing project. These are the prospects for assimilation, beware!
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Obama May Be Only Good At Making Submissive Gestures Towards Islam
It could be that he has just been carried along on everything else where he would otherwise need to be far above middle ranges. That would have happened so as to have a black who is on the far left, yet who style-wise, travels below the radar which is tripped by obvious anger and hate. The Islamic enthusiasm for him might have been elicited by a feeling that he is willing to be a dhimmi to them. A further speculation along these lines: with several venerable Jewish firms having been brought down recently, shouldn't the government be investigating whether this is terrorism and meddling aimed at securing the presidency for the Islamic preference? If there are indications of this, the government must tell us now, rather than later as the Spanish reluctantly did several years ago, thus ensuring Zapatero's Socialist victory. Bush probably can't keep his eye on the ball, though, as the Feds are going after a Christian compound in Arkansas today, while allowing Acorn to run wild with impunity. This is what the government would do if Bush were in a coma, and letting it run itself.

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