Thursday, September 4, 2008

When 'The Diversity' Means The Quota-Eligible...

valuing openness to diversity will mean also valuing the increase of quota recruitment.
More quota recruitment means also further randomization of the information contained in merit recruitment; therefore it is anti-merit. Pro-diversity is anti-merit, and valuing openness to diversity is a way of being pro-diversity. Each additional cohort pushes towards anti-merit society, but valuing openness to 'diversity' as above has no inherent limit values or thresholds, and would be even completely contradicted by the imposition of them. Therefore, necessarily, valuing openness to Diversity makes anti-merit society the ideal. Politically, diversity does mean quota-eligibles; the mention of broader diversity as of species and genetic mutations, ideas and cultures which are not needy, is only by way of analogy, used in support of pro-diversity as being for quota-eligibles.

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