Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Those Who Want Freedom-FOR-Aggression Favor Obama

and they have every reason to. Obama is a standout for taking the side of aggressors, possibly unrivalled in the legislatures he has so far been in. Although such a pattern is common among black racial activists, somehow Obama managed to outdo his colleagues among legislators. This could explain a large part of his appeal to the left, in that wanting freedom-for-aggression, and hating freedom-FROM-aggression, is at least a large part of what it means to be on the left.
The following quote from the Augusta Chronicle illustrates how far out in left field Obama is on this question of whether some must have freedom-FOR-aggression.
"- Obama was the only senator not to support a bill 'to report suspected child abuse while protecting the identity of the facility or person providing the information.' The bill passed 54-0-1 -- the one being Obama, who voted "present." It passed the Illinois House 117-0.
- Obama voted present 'on a bill in committee requiring criminals to serve consecutive sentences for separate crimes involving convictions for severe bodily harm or sexual assault, but didn't vote at all when the measure came to the floor.' The bill passed the Senate 54-0 and the House 118-0.
- Obama voted present on a bill 'making it harder for abusive and neglectful parents to regain custody of their children.' The Senate vote was 57-0-1, with the lone wolf being Obama.
- Obama skipped a vote on a bill 'to prohibit convicted sex offenders from serving on school boards.' It passed without him, 58-0 in the Senate and 106-0 in the House.
Adds the Times : 'The records also show Mr. Obama voted 'no' on a bill allowing police officers to execute warrants and enter buildings without knocking if there was a reasonable belief a weapon would be used against them; voted 'present' on legislation requiring that minors who commit gun crimes on or near a school be prosecuted as adults; and did not vote on a bill requiring fingerprint background checks on school bus drivers.
'Mr. Obama was the only member of the state Senate to vote against a bill to prohibit the early release of convicted criminal sexual abusers; and was among only four who voted against bills to toughen criminal sentences, increase penalties for criminals whose offenses were committed in the furtherance of gang activities..."
Power-greed, malice and the liking of freedom-FOR-aggression go together. Obama managed to stand out even from hardened black racial activists in the Illinois legislature, for taking the side of aggressors. He went the extra mile for them and then some; therefore he is an enemy of our freedom-FROM-aggression, and of all true freedom.

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