Friday, March 14, 2008

There Is No Rational Argument For A Move To The Left, That Is Why Any Criticism Of Obama Must Be Smeared As Being Only Racial Hatred

This is also why it makes no difference ( to such as the media ) whether the criticisms are true or not; there is no sincerity or good faith behind it, only the amoral tactical consideration of how to get a significant move to the left. Insofar as a move to the left means an increase in power for officials, at the expense of the citizenry's freedom-from-aggression, all the power-greedy will tend to close ranks in favor of this bad-faith tactic ( to pretend that all criticisms, but especially true ones, of a candidate promoted for racial reasons, are motivated entirely from racial hatred ).
That the above is done in bad faith is also indicated here: Obama's Money Talks, Rhetoric WalksFinancing Jeremiah Wright "when a candidate is discovered to belong to a club or organization that discriminates against women or minorities, he has to leave the club or the campaign. He doesn't get to say that he disagrees with this policy or that rule and stay in the membership." Also, quoting "HANNITY: What does it say -- if there was a Republican candidate, Laura, who had as their church premise on their website 'commitment to the white community, commitment to the white family, adherence to the white work ethic, pledge to make all the fruits of developing acquired skills available to the white community,'..."
as found here- Ignored for a year . It is important to draw the conclusion, though. The left and its allied media may not be given the assumption of sincerity and good faith, after this performance on behalf of their favorites.


A Christian Prophet said...

It's not about the pastor. If Obama's THEOLOGY is seen for what it is the election is lost. See:

John S. Bolton said...

If Obama's black liberation theology were widely known he would of course be a guaranteed loser. The major media will not do that job though, as driven by malice as they must be, to forsake their posts and be the news blackout workers.