Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama's Candidacy Demonstrates Beyond Possibility Of Doubt, The All-Importance Of Race In Moderate Left Politics Here

There can be no ideas, only race, in the moderate left politics here. They are too hopelessly depraved to allow ideas to interfere with their racial power struggles and manipulations. The big lie that the left-friendly media have been pushing, is that there is a 'transcendence', rather than a new extreme of immersion in racial politics going on. If this is not so, how is it that we are hearing of Obama's refusal to 'disown' Jeremiah Wright, and the preachment of such national unity-enhancing doctrines as the HIV-is-white-bio-warfare-on-black-women-and -children one?

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John S. Bolton said...

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Obama has an almost total immunity from criticism by major media, and from leading elements all the way over to the far right, this endears him to those who believe that responsibility is for 'chumps'. Many wish they had such an exemption, and feel the more optimistic for their chances to get some of that for themselves, as they see rising one who can't seem to get held responsible for anything. A sort of vicarious greed for licensed irresponsibility, one might call it.