Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ferraro Resigns: The Democratic Party Looks Like A Minority-Owned Business...

...with close to zero interest in majority concerns. Did they approach rationally, like human beings, Ferraro's claim that Obama's particular advancement could not have occurred without his racial classification? No, the media monstrosities just smeared her as racially insensitive. Is the democratic party going to rally to Ferraro's defense? Of course not, they're a racial riotous MOB [Minority-Owned Business] celebrating the black man's freedom-for-aggression, juiced on the revolution of rising expectations. It's the effrontery of hope for the undeserved, and when Ferraro reminds them of the deserving and the undeserving, they blame her, not themselves.


Audacious Epigone said...

I have a hope too quixotic to mention much elsewhere, that being on the receiving end of such hysterical attacks, will awaken some of the white elites in the Democratic party that eventually the chicken really is going to come home to roost, and sooner than they think. The good times cannot last forever for them with this taking place at such a rate.

Anonymous said...

J. Bolton,

It kinda looks like the elite like the country very evenly divided. More and more whites will be voting republican as the democratic party becomes minority dominated, but whites are becoming less of the Republic, so the effect is a close to 50/50 balanced electorate for the next 10-20 years.

Call me crazy, call me a conspiracy theorist, but I swear the elite is pumping Obama so he can easily be beaten by McCain in the fall. I just have a feeling that they have something very juicy on this guy that they will unaveil in due time. If most of the republic knew about the Jerimiah T. Wright angle, he'd already be toast. Ive heard some drug and gay rumors about him via a talk show host who usually is right (Phil Valentine).

The Israel lobby is spectacularily strong, and I would consider Murdoch (Foxnews) to be apartied to that group.

There is one facet of McShamesty and McWarlord that they fail to take into account long term in my opinion, and its the most deleterious thing concievable for the nation. White patriotism. If we attack Iran and get busy with nationbuilding there, legalize 20 million people and up the immigration limits to three times the present number yearly....................I think everybody with half a brain will figure out this nation is really "ran" aside from what the public wants and thinks. I cannot see legions of young white males or black males enlisting in the military at that time. I sure as hell wouldn't if I were young again. We enact a draft (which McCain has always liked) and the popularity of Repub leadership goes down the tubes. I mean hell, we are probably going to elect a guy that would have never have won a two horse race in the Repub primary (especially if primaries weren't "open" to independents and democrats). How many people "love" the party now? I dont know anyone who does, they simply shrug and say the dems are worse (true), but they dont even -like- the party, much less love it.

We are in more perilous times than we think to be honest, and a demographic transformation is about to start happening in slow motion that is going to be almost impossible to stop.

John S. Bolton said...

AE: Yes, at least locally, the liberal politicians realize that there's a best minority percentage for them, beyond which, they are out. It applies to the blacks as well, relative to immigrants such as hispanics. There is a percentage beyond which no black will ever likely be elected again.

John S. Bolton said...

To anon.: Why would power-greedy elites 'pump' Obama? Because they can, and they win in any of the three cases. Obama may really be like a gamble for them, if he precipitates the revolution of rising expectations, they can get dictatorship established , though this is unlikely. If you get riots, Obama the divider may put McCain in. This gives them a left friendly republican, whose backstabbings are the more easily gotten away with. As you say there is no enthusiasm for McCain, and the republican party, by becoming associated so much with Bush, and now McCain, reads as disloyal. They expect loyalty while putting backstabbers to the forefront; a very unreasonable expectation.

John S. Bolton said...

Further, as far as volunteering for dangerous assignments on motivations of loyalty goes, this might easily fall more and more to the majority. In a community with a volunteer fire department, and a significant minority percentage, special measures often have to be used to get even token minority representation. For many years now, the black recruitment into the Army has been declining, from something like 25% to below 15 % recently. Their quotas for black officers are based on the above percentages, so that now they're actually above quotas. This means blacks will not often be promoted faster than whites henceforth, but that was part of the motivation yielding higher rates of black recruitment into the army. So they're in a positive feedback loop; slower promotions means lower recruitment at the intake level, which allows fewer quota promotions, which yields lower recruitment rates, etc.
With whites the effect is the reverse, less need for minority quotas means their promotion rates can be increased, which means more motivation for joining, which allows for less minority quota promotion, etc.