Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brainwashing & A Thunderclap Against The "Universality Of Assimilation"

Added 6-16-08 from 6-5-08:
Thanks to a commenter, I was alerted to the study entitled Generations of Exclusion, which finds zero to negligible assimilation to majority educational norms among Mexicans. It was only when I read Sailer's review of this book, that I found out that it reports the results of a longitudinal study covering even five generations. They used the same questions as were given in 1965, to make a long-term follow-up study of the same people, and their children and further descendants. The approximately 50% high school dropout rate lasts like a constant across four generations. If we are to value openness to diversity, though, a requirement would seem to be that we may be confident that national norms will not be pushed backwards, towards those of the source countries of the valued diversity. Such a value is accompanied by an implicit belief: the Universality of Assimilation, which is shown to be unfounded.
After the Korean War ended in the 1950's, American experts found indications among POW's of something new and shocking. It was that which was to become known as brainwashing, but a successful kind. Although most of the ex-prisoners of the communist brainwashers, recanted their statements which they had made while in captivity, a considerable percentage actually refused to do so! This was the successful brainwashing.
Since McCain is not a defendant, but an applicant for the very highest security clearance, no presumption of innocence can apply. It is for him to prove himself low-risk, yet this is essentially impossible as he spent years in the total power of communist interrogators and brainwashers using ruthless methods.
Now he is giving us the plan of something different; a league of what, democratic people's republics, which shall henceforth have a free veto on our foreign policy? To give away independent foreign policy is to lose sovereignty to the extent of becoming a colony or protectorate. International socialism or communism has urged this for generations.
The axiomatic brotherhood and equality of all mankind, said they, as if there were no lasting enemies.
Does McCain now recant the public statements he made in support of his communist captors while a POW, each and every one of them in all their particulars?
He must be challenged closely on those, in order to determine that he was not successfully brainwashed. After all, to become a Free City of the Empire was what the USSR offered as its league of democracies without full sovereignty to each.
Proposing to give away major attributes of sovereignty without even so much as a treaty that would have to be ratified by a super majority in the Senate, shows traitorous disdain for our constitution and nationhood. McCain should be disqualified forthwith.
From an earlier post: If McCain favors the supremacy of communist Vietnam, and its blood-drenched leaders, over Thailand, do we have an interested party with sovereign power and willingness to act against the rise of a national-existential threat?In order to get McCain disqualified, there needs to be someone who will support the lawsuits at several levels as needed: defiant delegates, certain officials and possibly electors.It may take threatened foreigners to see how much can be lost, at least by them.Patriotic officials should step forward with what they know about McCain while there is still time to substitute a more loyal candidate;but they may need to see a movement afoot, and richly funded by someone, before they jump.
Does McCain Favor Indonesian Naval Supremacy Over Australia
...Our closest and most reliable ally? What does it mean to improve such relations with Indonesia, if not to help them build up towards supremacy over Australia? This would fit the pattern seen with McCain, where one betrays allies and rewards enemies, so long as the enemies are to the left or lastingly hostile, as an Islamic nation.
& Among the republican senators, governors and other plausible candidates for the presidential nomination, there could hardly be more than one or two, if any, more disloyal than McCain.This indicates that a hostile outside influence would have been the cause of his rise this year, since the most disloyal do not rise to the top of an organization or movement which has not been manipulated by an outside influence that is hostile to it

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