Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama Refuses To 'Disown' The Vicious Anti-Caucasianism Of Wright, Cone & Others...

as that would include disowning the 'black community'. Did the major media report the substance of his flat refusal to disown his preacher of anti-caucasianism? No, they reported on style, flags, anecdotes and verbal wrigglings, smiles and intonations. Will they report that Obama believes the 'black community' to be so much like Jeremiah Wright, that to 'disown' one would be to disown the other as well? Obama can't disown a faith community which holds that "Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy."(see yesterday's post for links)? He certainly can't be president of all the people, who finds such attitudes congenial, and "can no more disown him [Wright] than I can disown the black community." If Obama can't 'disown' it, he owns and owns up to, long-term affinity for a cult of anti-caucasianism. If the belief that HIV is a white conspiracy to kill off blacks, is part of what he can't 'disown' without disowning his faith community and the blacks in general, he owns that sort of belief. African Kemron yesterday, and children's sandwiches curing cancer today; America would look hopelessly third-world if a Mbeki were to be elected or even nominated here.


Anonymous said...


Why is a guy who grew up a rich kid with a Kenyan father and Southern White mother (no ties to being a slave whatsoever) lecturing Northern Whites regarding the Civil War when it was our ancestors who fought and died in the Union Army to free the slaves?

Is Obama kidding or what? Yes, Senator Obama, let’s have a discussion about race in America and then maybe you’ll understand why you are in absolute freefall against John McCain in States like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. You ripped a scab off of a wound that we didn’t deserve to have inflicted in the first place.


Anonymous said...

JS Bolton,

Unless something profoundly unforseen happens, Jerimiah T. Wright is all Mehlman and Rove will need to beat Obama. He will not be our next president. 527's could put Wright, and the fact that Obama has given him over $27,000 bucks in the past two years all over television screens.

You know me man, I hate McCain, but this is all he will need to beat Obama. The dems would do well at the convention to elect Hillary, at least she will have a chance. I literally cant believe the Dems were all to passsive to dig up Wright and present him as a case against Obama, surely they knew the Republicans were going to be doing this in the general.

One parting shot: Steve Sailer noted very wisely that Obama "gave a speech" on race relations instead of giving an interview. He got to duck all questions in this way. If Obama (or Bush) (or McCain) was forced to sit through a good, televised, made-to-answer-every-question 2 hour interview with a REAL journalist..........all of them would be finished politically if it was nationally televised. They'd get hammered. The media have anointed them and treated them all with kids gloves.

The one (and only) good thing about the Mexicanification of America is that the age of Blacks griping victimhood is about to pass. Our bazillion new post-1965 Americans from all over this planet simply dont care to hear their sob story from 1865 anymore.

John S. Bolton said...

You're right that no candidate other than a black could get away with this evasion. The media has been soft as fluff on Obama and they have they're reasons, but ignorance of the facts of Obama's intimate and thorough associations with savage anti-caucasianism is not one of them. These media see their influence fading rapidly and are thus tempted to try riskier approaches. I expect riots this summer as superdelegates cave in to black threats and thus encourage more and worse intrusions of violence into the politics. At the minimum these media hostiles could be just interested in getting us accustomed to having politics decided by racial violence.