Monday, March 17, 2008

Pervasive Respect For Anti-Caucasianism Explains The Official Silence & News Blackout On Obama's Affinities

... which has been maintained everywhere until now, except on the far right.
Even as this story has become widely known in the last few days, one still has to go to uncommonly right-wing outlets to get an unsanitized view of the intensity of the racial hatred that Obama has been immersed in, with his faith community. HIV is a conspiracy by our government to kill blacks? Why would one want to play along with race war incitement to develop political credibility among the low, and how can this be considered respectable, much less deserving of elevation to high office?
"Wright: 'U.S. of KKKA' [...] Preacher tells black-on-black criminals they're fighting wrong enemy " The fact that this does not disqualify Obama as for as officialdom and media are concerned, demonstrates that anti-caucasianism is highly respected by them.
There must be something in it for them; most likely a chance at increase of power through conflict-enhancement.


Anonymous said...

I have an aquaintance at my job who fell hook, line, and sinker for these arguments.

To wit:

AIDS was concocted in a Maryland, USA labratory to decrease the numbers of blacks

Ancient Egypt was almost 100% black and was so advanced that it had spaceships, and its pyramids had something to do with time/space travel. All of the ancient Incan and Mayan pyramids prove the world-wide black Egyptian empire founded and spread its culture to the Americas. It ended by diseases created by "Aryans" concocted to kill "all the smart black people".

4 million blacks died en route to the United States on slave ships.

Beethoven (and many many others) were secretly black, but potraits of him have been lightened over time to conceal this fact.

Ben Franklin's slave was holding his kite, and was the real "inventor" of electricity.

Black troops really won the civil war, but have been written out of history books. At first they were only given sticks and rocks to fight with (and still won battles), but after McClellan really got into trouble, they were given guns and they, not Grant and Sherman, won the war.

All technological advancements are really stolen from ancient Egypt, but Jewish archaeologist have been able to conceal this fact. They are "released" in time so that the elite (the illumanatti) can be in control of them. You see, apparently ancient egyptians had TV, radio, HVAC systems, space travel, modern surgery, sanitation, etc.

Most all modern discoveries were really stolen from black inventors, even mundane things like toilets.

Alot of young blacks believe this guy. People believe what they want to believe.

My opinion................I wonder if the "establishment" has put so much money behind Obama because they know he's the only candidate kooky enough to get a McCain victory?

John S. Bolton said...

That's why I'm hoping McCain will get disqualified, and Obama will be unmasked as at least, highly indulgent of such notions as you mentioned. The black racial liberation theology is an all-but-bottomless can of worms, which has been opened and is spilling its contents. The democrats used to sniff about how they were the rational ones, and the right was friendly to crazies; but now we're getting the awful details of what they've been harboring and indulging under the heading of identity politics.