Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Those Who Don't Mind Being DHIMMIs to the Moslem Should Not Get to Pose as Being More Than Hopelessly Second-Class

Someone who desires what is, by definition, second-class status to Islamic populations, and as low as those of Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Somalia and others among the poorest and most backward in the world, should not be treated as anything but as low as what they place above themselves. They place themselves lower than the people of the Sahel, and you should, too. In any case, they must be reminded when showing any such DHIMMI attitudes towards the Moslem, that they're being hopelessly second-class. This will show up when they speak favorably of Islamic immigration, political influence or other accomodation in civilized countries. It is especially necessary to put them in their place when they pretend to have some higher status supposedly conferred by being more anti-discrimination, more egalitarian, more tolerant etc.

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