Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The List is Ghastly Long of 'Principles' That Today's Left Repudiates By Making Common Cause With Islam

A quick start on that list is as follows:1-equality 2-freedom of religion 3-freedom of publication 4-brotherhood of all mankind 5-women's rights 6-humane treatment of criminals 7-patriotism 8-isonomy 9-progress of knowledge 10-experimental approaches 11-peace 12-understanding between nations 13-moral progress 14-improvement of education 15-tolerance 16-compassion 17-democracy 18-constitutional government 19-minority rights or privilege 20-openness 21-sexual freedom 22-anti-discrimination 23-inclusionism 24 anti-superstition 25-reason liberally interpreted 26-loyal opposition 27-presumption of innocence 28-anti-militarism 29-anti-chauvinism 30-anti-racism 31-anti-hatred 32-open-mindedness 33-anti-dominant preference 34-anti-judgementalism 35-labor rights 36-ecumenical erudition and sympathies 37-anti-xenophobia 38-contempt for war of religion 39-anti-essentialism 40-anti-authoritarianism 41-anti-patriarchy 42-anti-homophobia 43-anti-totalization, or opposition to conclusive global statements given once and for all 44-anti-fascism 45-anti-theocracy 46-human perfectibility 47- secularism 48-humanism 49- individualism 50-free trade 51-anti-exploitationism 52- marxism, even as reinterpeted 53-abortionism 54-family planning 55- secular psychology 56-logic 57-latitudinarianism 58-artistic license 59-acceptability of single-motherhood 60-anti-genocide 61-the valuing of discontinuity as in pro-revolutionary sentiment 60-the exalted status of the artist who shocks the prim 61-independence of scholars from outside moralizing and other such meddling, as with tenure 62-independent-mindedness as a virtue for anyone 63-eccentricity as likely valuable
[combined with the previous day's post]
The Left Will Continue to Make Common Cause With Islam
... even though this involves the repudiation of every principle they ever pretended to be for, because their first priority is to get despotism established in those countries which have been most resistant to it. This is how pathetic refugees can be very useful; as a trojan horse to help the left destroy freedom-from-aggression. They will betray every pretense of a principle, but not their allies, in this last-ditch struggle to bring low the successful societies. First the class war, after 100 years of prophecies of its imminence by the very topmost government scholars, failed to explode. Then the race war turned out insufficient as well, in spite of 40 years of high provocation by officials and their most depraved scholars. Now they've taken the plunge into the abyss of cynical manipulation: try to add the War of Religion on to those of class and race, and get leftist dictatorship where they've so far failed to. In the nature of the case there are no principles involved, and thus no occasion of revulsion from which the left would have to break up their alliance with political Islam and its expansion through terrorism. The left is thus today a completely depraved dhimmi, which can find no fault with Islamic atrocities.


Audacious Epigone said...

Wow. Well done.

John said...

Thanks. I want to add to it and replace some which are too similar to one another. Would you suggest that isonomy should go in there, and how about others if you happen to think of any.

Audacious Epigone said...

Isonomy should be included (as I see you have added it, or was it there before?), since the idea of specific legal equality isn't otherwise mentioned. You might also mention something along the lines of 'empiricism' and 'rationality' (which might be already covered in 'reason').