Thursday, September 13, 2007

Immigration For Retention of Less-Productive Businesses Is A Severe Threat to The Momentum of Civilizational Progress

if an occupation or business cannot easily raise its productivity, that is all the more reason not to bring in immigrants to staff it as its wages fall behind those which are moving forward. Instead loyalty to advancement requires that we let the wages rise as high and as fast as needed to shift demand away from those laggard products and services. That is a large part of how it has happened that there exist even 100-FOLD differentials in per capita production between several nations. Within nations no such high regional differentials exist, which implicates migration and immigration as causal factors. Before one relatively populous region within a nation moved even to several times the wage levels as others, migration would allow retention of the less-productive processes there, until the inter-regional differentials had become sufficiently close to slow the migrations. The differentials in per capita production between the richest and poorest nations are of absolutely INDISPENSABLE importance for ages to come, to maintain the MOMENTUM of forward motion, of progress of civilization and especially technology. The more immigration the richest nations have which comes in at the same or lower wages, the more this will tend to take away from the momentum of progress in productive technology. The grave danger is of backsliding caused by immigration of the wrong quantity or quality, as occurred to transport technology soon after the 9-11 immigrants did their job, reversing 40 years of progress in that field in less than two years.

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