Thursday, September 20, 2007

Horrific Treachery A-Spawning in DC: Mass Amnesty For Foreign Criminals By the Millions on to Net Public Subsidy

Update: resounding victory over SA 2919 [BAD]DREAM act-Sept. 26th-28th [was] a period of danger for this anti-American piece of deceit, but there is still time to shine light on this proceeding, which can only transpire swiftly in darkness, where the powerful and unrighteous can deceive the honest. NumbersUSA [] describes the legislation, and urges that Senators' staffers receive phone calls, not just faxes and e-mails: SA 2919 DREAM act: " is still an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens [...]
Please fax your senators and let them know that you are aware of the changes that have been made to the DREAM Act, but you still find the DREAM Act amnesty unacceptable.[...] the following things remain unchanged:
- The DREAM Act allows illegal "teens" to petition for their parents, leading eventually to their aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins:
[...]But as soon as DREAM amnesty citizens are over 21, they can bring in their parents who broke the law to get them into the country.[...]And because of Chain Migration, the amnestied "teens" can see their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents getting permanent U.S. residency as well.
- The DREAM Act does not Protect Americans from Terrorists and Criminals:
Illegal immigrants are not required to submit fingerprints or undergo background security checks at any point in the DREAM Act process. Therefore, DHS has no way of learning whether an alien seeking DREAM Act amnesty is a terrorist or criminal. This security failure is compounded by the confidentiality section of the DREAM Act [...] basically requires DHS to hide information about terrorist and criminal aliens from itself. If a DHS adjudicator at USCIS learns from a DREAM Act application that an alien poses terrori st or criminal concerns, the adjudicator is prohibited from alerting ICE enforcement officers at DHS, and in fact, if the adjudicator did volunteer such information to ICE, he could be fined $10,000. To cap it all, DHS is prohibited from removing from the United States all aliens, including criminals, terrorists, fraudsters, and other ineligible aliens while they have a DREAM Act application pending, even if that application is based upon fraud or the alien is ineligible.
- The DREAM Act Offers Citizenship to Illegal Aliens Who Lack Good Moral Character:

The DREAM Act does not require that aliens have a history of good moral character; it only requires that they have good moral character from the time that they apply. This means that criminal aliens, terrorists, and other aliens who lack good moral character before they apply get an amnesty for their pre-application period conduct, no matter how bad or extensive that conduct.
- The DREAM Act is Not Just for Young People:
Sponsors insist that the point of the DREAM Act is to provide legal status to “kids” and “young people.” However, the DREAM Act is not directed just at minors. Under the "new" DREAM Act, anyone 29-years-old or younger, who illegally entered the United States before the age of 16 and has illegally remained here for 5 years or more will qualify for lawful permanent residence [...]
- The DREAM Act is a Big Amnesty:
It’s estimated there are some 2 million illegal immigrant children in the United States. They are only a portion of the millions of aliens who will likely qualify for the DREAM Act amnesty, because the DREAM Act does not place a cap on the number of people who qualify, provides exceptions to the newly-formed under-30 age limit, and applies retroactively to anyone who first entered before age 16. Furthermore, the recipients of the DREAM Act amnesty will be permitted to petition for their illegal parents and adult relatives once they become citizens.
- The DREAM Act is Deceptive:
[...] the bill as written ensures that illegal immigrants don’t have to attend high school or go to college to qualify for the amnesty: they need only take an ability-to-benefit test and complete a 1-year vocational program to get eventual citizenship (and there’s no requirement that they actually complete their college education). Nor do aliens have to join the Armed Forces: they need only go to work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or Public Health Service for 2 years to get eventual citizenship.
- The DREAM Act is a Fraud Machine:
We know from experience that amnesty from immigration laws generates massive fraud, and the DREAM Act is no exception. Nothing in the DREAM Act will prevent a 29-year old alien from asserting that he entered the United States before the age of 16 and has remained here ever since. The DREAM Act is silent on how DHS will determine the veracity of such claims. The DREAM Act will actually promote fraud because it prevents DHS from deporting aliens who’ve applied for the amnesty until their applications are resolved – a process that will likely take years, because DHS lacks the resources to rapidly process the millions of applications it will receive. Even if DHS eventually decides that some aliens do not qualify for the amnesty, DHS cannot use the statements aliens made in their applications to deport them, because their statements are protected by the confidentiality section in the DREAM Act.
- The DREAM Act is Unfair to American Students and Taxpayers:
The "new" DREAM Act removed the in-state college tuition section. However, aliens who get the amnesty will become legal residents and will therefore be automatically eligible for in-state tuition anyway.
- The DREAM Act Puts Illegal Immigrants at the Front of the Line for Green Cards:
The DREAM Act requires that applications for its amnesty must be expedited, bars DHS from charging fees for expedited service, and fails to provide DHS the additional personnel and equipment needed to handle expedited applications. Because millions of people will file applications for DREAM Act amnesty (regardless of whether or not they eventually qualify), DHS will experience a significant backlog of cases that will necessarily slow DHS’ ability to process conventional business and family visas, and applications for naturalization. This will adversely impact our economy, and disrupt the settled expectations of intending legal immigrants to the United States.
- The DREAM Act Will Allow Dangerous Criminal Aliens to Remain At Large in the United States:
DHS lacks the resources to detain all criminal aliens it encounters in the United States, and so DHS has to pick and choose which criminals to hold for deportation. When DHS deports a criminal al ien, the detention or “bed space” vacated by the out-going criminal is immediately filled by another criminal alien. The DREAM Act does not disqualify anyone (even criminals) from filing an application and bars DHS from removing any alien who’s filed an application for amnesty. Thus, criminal aliens who have no desire to be deported will file DREAM Act applications to halt or slow their deportations, which means they will spend more time taking up detention space which could be used to house other criminal aliens. That means more criminal aliens whom DHS cannot house will be free to roam the United States. The DREAM Act also creates an opportunity for extremely dangerous criminal aliens to be released into the general population. By law, a criminal alien who is subject to a final order of removal must be released from DHS custody within 90 days if his removal is not “reasonably foreseeable.” As mentioned previously, the DREAM Act does not allocate resources to DHS to process the millions of applications that are sure to be filed, which will result in very lengthy delays. The result? A dangerous criminal alien who would otherwise have been removed from the United States files his DREAM Act application, and when that application stalls at DHS with millions of others, he can file a petition in a district court after 90 days to effect his release because his removal is not “reasonably foreseeable.” JB comments: what is to stop an illegal from qualifying under two sets of false ID, then getting disability payments under both names? They only have to enroll or have completed some post-high school course, which could be easy to get fake papers for as well.


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Flanders Fields said...

John, Very good article and a very good site. I'm always glad to see good thinkers, and you are a good thinker and you are able to present your thoughts very well. The two don't always go together, but they do at Open City.

I left you a response to your comment at my site and you are linked in my blogroll. Keep up your good work. We'll visit some more.

Audacious Epigone said...

It was by the efforts of those like you and I, and the other commenters here, that this venom brought in the night was detected and dispelled. Nice work.

John S. Bolton said...

Thanks, I left this at the top for the entire period. There was a moment of national peril that hardly anyone spoke of.

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