Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Hidden Litmus Test for Opposition to Immigration Restriction Applies to the Entire Professoriate, Left to Right

From www., August 30th, 2007, entitled 'Carol Swain'----'Yale Law School Professor Peter H. Schuck observes:

"In a polity in which only 17 percent of the public thinks that immigration levels should be higher and 39 percent thinks they should be lower, one would expect that at least some legal scholars who write about immigration issues would favor restriction. If so, one would be wrong. In over two decades of immersion in immigration scholarship, I have not encountered a single academic specialist on immigration law who favors reducing the number of legal immigrants admitted each year." ...' JB comments:
Openness-valuing is an underlying minimum, one that is insisted on above all other demands, and this points to the needs of transmission of ideas which are damaging; which need, if nothing else, to command openness to ensure transmission.

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