Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Right Has A Huge Advantage Which It Is Not Using: Invocation of Loyalty To Citizenry Over Foreigners

The left is committed to its disloyalism; its minorities, its immigrants and their need for net public subsidy and favor over the citizenry or the net taxpayers thereof. They've painted themselves into a corner that way; but the right needn't follow. Immigration restrictionism has made a mighty groundswell against the cozy detente between the left and the right, in which it was tacitly agreed that the right would never use this or other 'wedge issues'. That time of forbearance in using advantage of patriotism against the disloyal left and liberal elites is likely ending now, and not a moment too soon. Evidence also is in the candidacies of Tancredo and Hunter and their gravitational draw on the others, even those with no credibility on such issues, like McCain and Giuliani.
Added 7-16-08 from: Monday, July 14, 2008
The Failure Of The Moderate Right To Conspicuously Oppose Mass Immigration...
of undesirables, causes hatred and suspicion to fall on the rich, which otherwise would have been a charge on the left.

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