Thursday, September 13, 2007

If Politics Be Largely Influenced By Heredity, The Genetic Character of Immigrants Is Rightly a Prime Consideration

When Alaska and Hawaii were admitted, neither could be admitted without the other, as this would cause a political shift in balance. Likewise with immigration cohorts, there ought to be high concern for not shifting the balance which exists. This concern should rise higher in proportion as politics is subject to genetic influence, directly or indirectly. Relevant information is below taken from Dissecting Leftism:
"John Ray (M.A.;Ph.D.) [...] Leftism is an inborn tendency [...] there is now good evidence from the twin studies by behaviour geneticists such as Eaves and others confirming that. [...] Eaves, Martin, Heath, Schieken, Silberg & Corey [...] found that your politics in your youth are mainly the product of the social influences around you (school and college indoctrination, for instance) but as you get older your genetically inherited political tendencies come to the fore. The most striking behaviour genetics finding, however, is [...] the 1999 finding by Eaves et al. showing that conservatism/Leftism is even more hereditary than how tall you are.
[...] And another article by Martin, Eaves, et al. (1986) showed that data on the transmission of conservative attitudes could in fact be explained by a model which assigned ZERO influence to the social environment and ALL influence to heredity. Putting it another way, the correlation between the conservatism of twins was high but not perfect but what similarity there was could be accounted for entirely by the extent to which the twins shared genes. Shared family environment was of no significance in determining the degree of twin similarity. "

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