Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Valuing Openness To Islam Threatens The Lasting Extermination Of Gainful Cultural Life

Here is a remarkable quote from Vijay Kumar: "...demographic conquest is the most permanent form of conquest. Therefore, we must support all nations currently struggling with radical Islamic footholds within their societies. The reality is that no place in the world where radical Islam has gained demographic dominance, has it ever been extricated. And it has been its goal for over 1400 years to aggressively spread and multiply by birth or by sword. America needs to openly face up to this reality."
Kumar is running for congress in Tennessee, emphasizing these issues. He also says:
"We should stop immigration from any nation that practices any form of Sharia..."
The entire interview is at the preceding link.
Added 9-26-08 from Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Valuing Of Openness To Diversity Of Customs, Laws & Sovereignties Means Valuing Civil War
If one should doubt that the above sorts of faux-values lead to openness to contest for who and what shall rule, including even the unspeakably backward; this needs to be observed:Britain Adopts Shari’a
The diversity includes this, and valuing diversity contains NO PRINCIPLE,upon which, one could say:
This far, but no further.
Openness to diversity includes openness to diversity of sovereignties in the same polity, which is to say: Civil war.
Therefore, necessarily, simply valuing openness to diversity also means valuing civil war itself. Observing also that if war is the health of the state, civil war is an even more flourishing condition of the state as power-accumulator at least, it should be realized that power-greed has no end of motivation for encouraging the valuing of openness to diversity of contests for sovereignty, such as would increase the power of officials over against the citizenry.
Another highly salient point to be noted in the article linked above, is the constant maligning of opponents as having Islamophobia, a faux-diagnosis which itself demonstrates resort to unreason on the part of the user. There is no sensible argument for openness to Islam, as is indicated by the need felt at the highest, brightest and best-equipped levels, to use only the smearing approach: Prove you're not Islam-ophobic, racist, prejudiced, etc.
No, it is the power-greedy who must prove that they must have more power to infiltrate more deadly conflict into the precincts of civilization.


Anonymous said...

Im a Tennessean, and Kumar will now be getting my vote---thanks.

Could it be that some high-IQ-IMMIGRANT (or sons or daughters thereof) politicians could be the very people who can loudly decry the problems with MASSIVE AMOUNTS of immigration, especially from Islamic countries?

As an Indian, this guy would have seen Islam close up, and knows what he is talking about.

The West is chock-full-of overconfident whites and jews, who although they preach diversity-shmirsity, secretely feel that "others" will want to cop their mores and manners and emulate them because they are, better than everyone else and are "alpha" people and all that jazz. Oh FUCK do they have another thing coming.

Ive gotten to, in my life, be around some circumstances where "the numbers changed". Ive gotten to sit on the sidelines quietly and watch the social dynamics and power shift from one group to the next due to NUMBERS alone more than once. So many of our elite are so confident that they will always have a voice in the media, and always will be "in control". They really have no idea how brute, ugly, jungle-like power struggles shape the world.

If 100 million well-educated whites moved to a third-world hell-hole, they could remake the place into a first world nation in 20 years. The opposite of this is also true.

The 15 or so knife attacks in Londonistan so far this year should really tell some people something, but I guess they just dont get it---a nation can be wrecked from within just as easily as bombing it from without. Think of the economic damage the stabbings probably have done. Feel safe out walking? Feel safe out window shopping? I wouldn't either, and I bet sales would be down, factory orders down, shipping needs down. Our ecnomy is more precocious than we imagine.

The left thinks we will "amoralize" the children of the Islamic fanaticists, but opinion polls in Britan reveal that is not working there (at least yet). Are we more persuasive than "cool Brittania"? Islam may be particularily resistant to secular sensualism----unlike christianity.

The power greedy---as JSB calls them, are probably all for some homemade strife and attacks on "whiterpeople" by radical Islam. They will just use the excuse to put more cameras up, more police state in place, etc. Perhaps this is how they intend to get iron-fist control over the west.........all secured by Diebold, who knows what evil lurks in their intentions.

John S. Bolton said...

It's interesting to read how Kumar got to where he is now, saying what no one else is saying here. At least among those who could be about to become congressmen, that is. He started on the left believing in the equality and no lasting enemies doctrines. Then he saw Islam in the big picture, and how it can use immigration and liberal tolerance to aggrandize its influence. I believe that the political elites, the power greedy ones, really need all the conflict they can get between lastingly hostile groups here. Once they achieve the elimination of democratic procedures and the rule of law, the precious diversity goes back on the chain gang, and monoculture becomes the ideal, and divisiveness the major sin.
Numbers matter, yes, and being out in front with anti-majority attitude, is a stopgap for those who will then have to move on. The voting rights act alone, with its continual racial redistrictings, assures this result.