Thursday, August 21, 2008

The American Electorate Will Not Reverence Official Anti-Caucasianism

The Obamanation of Desolation, by Thomas Fleming, is extraordinary in explicitly laying out the conclusion that Obama comes from anti-Caucasianism. Without endorsing all the positions discussed, the main point would be that we are in danger of crossing a threshold, in which anti-Caucasianism becomes, through the possible election of Obama, an Established, State Religion, that is actually accepted by the majority of the electorate, almost like a referendum. That point very much needs to be made, and made more explicit and expanded upon. The establishment of anti-Caucasianism (as a state religion) has so far been the dirty work of tenured professors and shystering federal judges, all of them unelected, and much opposed by the electorate. The anti-democratic features of the republic have been exploited for the purpose of setting up that state religion; the racial one. Now we're asked to support the likely necessary next step, and vote for the candidate who comes from that religion of anti-Caucasian hatred, thus endorsing the official establishment of it.
This point as well, from the same article, is one that needs to be kept to the forefront:
"I can also understand why public school teachers, social workers, and other welfare-dependents vote for politicians who will certainly increase their income and power."
When all the power that is to be had from exploiting official anti-Caucasianism and the responses to it, has been milked dry, then it will be dropped, just as if no one of consequence had ever believed anything of the sort. Think of the Class War Determined by an Iron Law of History, what became of that; was it dropped because it no longer served the power-greed of those who were pushing it?


Anonymous said...

People are hated for their virtues instead of their vices.

Anti-Caucasianism pretty much springs from the fact that whites/jews usually make a living with their minds or honestly with their hands and dont need assistance.

Ive found that people who need help resent the living hell out of whomever has to help them. Ive got a cousin who is screwing up his life and resents family members who give him money, advice, and set him up with jobs. We love him, but he is wallowing in self pity. He has a blog where he pretty much gripes about the unfairness of the entire earch. One couldn't do anything less fruitful unless they literally went to a beach and pounded sand.

There is a great article on about the burgeoning criminal activity of kindnappings/ransoming in Mexico, and how its spreading to the SW USA. Amazing that our leaders are blatantly trying to attempt a force-mating of these two nations.

Underlcass blacks will always be resentful of white intellectual achievement much as white athletes are probably secretely (but non-violently) resentful of some black athletic achievement. Human biodiversity in abilities is a real phenomena. For someone to deny that NE Asians, Ahskenazi Jews, Northern European Whites are not a little bit smarter than an Equatorial Guinean (average IQ about 60) or Aboriginal is like trying to state that Oaxacan Mexicans are as tall as Danes. Sorry, but they just aint'.

It must be weird for a man of intellect like JSBolton to confront the strange-times we live in where Orwellian-feel-good-lies reign so utterly supreme.

Hillary Clinton could probably beat John McCain, but the things the Republican slime machine will dig out about BORAT Osama before the election will probably sink the guy, and the neo-con dream candidate will end up taking office. You have to love the modern GOP. They know the alternative is so disgusting, they can be WallStreet's/AIPAC's/EastManhattan's party and still win (and they know it). This situation will remain stagnant until the demography changes it. Oy vey?

John S. Bolton said...

I believe that there is a sincere anti-Caucasianism which is like what you describe, envy, resentment, and the enmity that is provoked by needing to be helped, and wanting to blame anyone but yourself. To feel that one's lineage for ages to come will be marked by their look, as needy relative to some others could be one of the most resentment-inducing situations that one could be in. Far above and beyond this is the anti-Caucasianism of the smart and rich, which I say is a tactical approach, which has long since congealled into a strategy, but one which will almost certainly be abandoned, once absolute dictatorship has been set up in the countries so far most resistant to it.
You know from experience that to save a man is one very likely way to win is lasting hatred and resentment. Already then, you know what the elites appear not to know, if they believe they can buy passive supporters of their power-greedy ambitions, with political largesse.

John S. Bolton said...

Is it weird and strange for me to live with the lying PC racial poltics of special pleading? Not at all, I grew up with this. What is strange for me is to realize that there were times, within living memory, when it would have been considered a huge insult to call someone a special pleader, and to call someone undiscriminating was much worse than to say that they discriminated. It requires historical imagination to even notice the unspoken truths which have become taboo to mention, such as the inequality of man.