Friday, July 25, 2008

Unheard-Of Drop In County's Crime Rates Achieved Via Strictness On Illegals

"(AP) - A Prince William County official is attributing a decline in certain types of crime last year to the county's crackdown on illegal immigrants.
A study released last week says homicides declined by 44% from 2006 to 2007. The incidence of rape fell 33%, robberies declined 23%, and aggravated assaults declined 18%.
County board Chairman Corey Stewart says the decrease is due to the resolutions cracking down on illegal immigrants in the county."
As I recall, the main change likely to affect the crime rates, was going after those who presented fake ID, no valid insurance or licenses, etc. This would make not only illegals, but all sorts of other criminals, want to get away from the uncommon heat, and on towards the places that are cool for them. Homicides down by a half in one year! This is unheard-of, at least in large jurisdictions like PW Cty., and I believe it has to mean that their policy change got illegals plus a lot of other criminals to move out.
Official: Immigration crackdown pushes down crime
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added 7-28-08 from Malkin: Sanctuary v. enforcement in neighboring counties: a natural experiment.
Added 8-11-08 from: Saturday, August 9, 2008

To Get Illegals To Move Over The County Line Is A Beggar-Thy-Neighbor Policy...
and so says the Washington Post, editorializing on “Prince William, a Year Later.” :
"So what has the county achieved with its effort to intimidate undocumented newcomers by ordering checks on the immigration status of all detainees after arrest and by denying certain social services to illegal immigrants? Without doubt, it has prompted hundreds of Hispanics -- legal and illegal -- to depart the county. Many of them have moved to surrounding jurisdictions, where they are enrolling in public schools and turning to local government services or nonprofits for help. To Mr. Stewart and his allies, this beggar-thy-neighbor policy is a success."
Are we supposed to forget and ignore the rank contradiction, between the usual line about how openness to diversity enriches us, and that, it is candidly stated, pushing illegals on to another jurisdiction tends to "beggar" the receiving one. It can't be both, which demonstrates both that one is being lied to, and that openness to diversity is easily quite questionable as a value. It is easy to have too much of it, and if that were not so, no community could be beggared by having more openness to diversity than its neighbor.


Audacious Epigone said...

Wow, I hope that news makes ripples nationally. Not only effective, but politically palatable, too.

Anonymous said...

Youre an upstanding gentleman JSBolton. Pointing this very valid info (how to decrease homicides by half in a year) would make you a candidate for laurels in other times of world history..........but not now.

The "elite" know all of this, but they just dont give a shit.

Ive taken some flak for endlessly bringing up the reasons the elite no longer care about crime. But it bears repeating just one more time: Through gated communities and "security" doormen in downtown apartment buildings and the automobile and especially private schools, the elite have physically removed themselves from the general population and couldn't care less about the suffering the general American (especially white) populace endures at the hands of illegals. It doesn't bother them a bit.

If we could ever get the border situation "fixed", the first thing a president needs to do is to OUTLAW gated communities and many forms of security. It may sound crazy, but if the elite are AFRAID physically of being victimized by an underclass, they will be much less enthusiastic about bringing in an underclass to begin with. What is so unfortunate about our situation is by the time that "all" agree about the slow-motion mistake being made, it will be demograhically to late to politically do anything about it. Meagan McCain and her brother are safe, just like the Bush sisters........but our daughters are not. "They" couldn't care less.

John S. Bolton said...

Well thanks. Today we have an elite culture dominated by the hopes of getting away with more and more latitude for aggression. If someone comes along with easy ways of cutting it sharply back, that would be considered undesirable, as it would take away from freedom as they mean it, freedom for aggression.

John S. Bolton said...

On your point that if elites had to live with the consequences of what they support: the power-greedy and the plain greedy are two different kinds. The rich are not uniform but divided up evenly between the right and the left. The powerful though, are nearly uniform in wanting always more power, and the way to have thisis to get people to do what they DONT want to do, by increasing the level of aggression on them. This makes for a bond between them and any sort of violent criminals, as the street level ones soften the people up to accept more power, to be won by the power-greedy elites of today. It's the elites of power, and not the money ones. Punishing the rich doesn't get at the problem, since that would be only another way of handing too easily to the power-greedy what they're trying to get by other means.