Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Spreading The Underclass" & 'Diversity' Preferentially Attacks The Children Of Liberals

recognizing them, that is, as being from more liberal parents in the sense of living closer, going to school with, or otherwise registering as more open to that kind of diversity. A breaking-point occurs then, doesn't it?
Added 8-26-08 from: Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pro-Diversity's Unprincipled Power-Greed Is Shown Clearly
As found on VFR:« Spreading the underclass"...courts have ordered that 'only blacks' can apply for rent vouchers which can only be used in 'white areas'..."If there were even the least principled quality to this naked judicial power-grab, the perpetrators would be able to realize that going against racial discrimination with a mandatory all-black eligibility, was illegitimate. Instead one may observe, the reach for illegitimate power appears, and immediately chooses its issue so as to facilitate smearing of opponents as motivated by racial hatred, and grabs some power in a thoroughly contradictory and unprincipled way. What has to be pointed out until they stop, is that the power-greedy have to use this approach, because there is no decent argument why they should have more power. Every time they do this the left and the power-greedy of many kinds, confess yet again, that they have no argument to justify their bid for power. Remember these are intelligent and educated operators making these shystering power-plays; if they don't know of convincing arguments why they should have more power over the citizenry, who would?


Anonymous said...

Hell Ive been saying that for years, but liberals send their kids to private acadamies.

John S. Bolton said...

The richer ones might often do that, but most liberals aren't rich. I know I'm not the first to say it. I'm not the first to ask: what if blacks preferentially attack Jewish children? These are devastating questions, like a hit in the groin. That's why they can't be left unspoken.