Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How Weak Are The Men Who Would Be Complaisant In Making America A Mere Tool For Attempted Uplift Of The Black Man's Prestige?

This is a significant part of the meaning of the Obama cheerleading, along with the cynical exploitation of race to get a left-friendly administration. Hatred against the majority, combined with unearned respect for the most ill-behaved minorities, all circling around a passion to be the arbiters of who and what has elevated status and power. Only a few can be such arbiters, though, on a large scale. If they reach down too far, and try to uplift too high in one bound; those who try this through media and political agitation, will, most embarassingly, demonstrate their impotence to make the undesirable the desirable. "Obama or die" sounds like a riot, doesn't it, well, die a thousand deaths or a million. Status is not manipulable in that gross political way, or 70 could be the new 17.
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America Is Ready For The Illegitimate Child Of A Runaway Father In The White House?
As found here: « Obama, a bastard? a report that says Barack Obama panics: Andy Martin's book forces Obama to admit he is illegitimate. This would explain why his site would leave a fake image of a birth certificate from Kos in place. Illegitimacy is illegitimate, and you can't ask people to look up to a bastard as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and have the highest security clearance, in effect. No, we're not going to value openness to this kind of diversity.
More of Obama's diversity non-value from Friday: Would Obama Qualify For An Airport Job?That is, one that requires one not to have connections to terrorists, such as being beholden, for his start in state, and then national, politics, to Ayers and Dohrn.
July 11, 2008 Obama's Weakness Would Get Disrespected GloballyAs the powerful across the world know that Obama has been, and remains, a dependent on the racial-patronage, alternative-welfare support system; they will see him as weak. Attackers will be emboldened, if by some perverse manipulations, he became president. Those in manly occupations reporting ultimately to the White House, will not really respect a child of the quota regime. Only rarely do weak males aspire to positions of command, where death-dealing powers are to be unleashed or held back; but when they do, all sorts of people feel offended, including women and even pacifistic liberals. Trying to promote the valuing of openness to diversity, is no counterweight to that.
Obama's Surprise Hiring at U. of C.July 30, 2008

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