Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Lasting Puzzle For Noisy Nihilists

If one is among the loudest and fiercest in crying: Who cares?, why should those hearing it, not also reply: Who cares, about such expressions of nihilism. Those who most frequently and shamelessly, say 'nobody cares about...' and 'who cares' in a way that indicates a too-general 'who cares' attitude, are the nihilists. They negate their own impassioned cry of 'who cares' though, as just explained, and I care enough to say so.
That raises also the question of another contradiction. Why do the nihilists care enough to keep saying 'who cares'; don't they realize the self-contradictory aspect of what they're doing then?
Something extra added 7-21-08: The push to criminalize "Islamophobia"


John S. Bolton said...

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John S. Bolton said...

another saved item:
Many are willing to say that they value openness, yet are highly resistant to anyone’s trying to push them much further into it.
It follows that pro-openness does exist, in the same way that pacifism and egalitarianism are said to exist. It is not necessary for there to be any significant number of people actually practicing, or pining for, an absolute pro-openness. If there can be an egalitarian movement, or a pacifist one, then pro-openness is not impossible (as a movement in which hypocrisy is permitted). Are there not a great many wealthy and prominent altruists, in spite of the ease with which they can be identified as hypocrites? Don’t we have egalitarians of wealth and influence, and who also hold conspicuous titles of distinction?
If there are pacifists who incite riots, then the pro-openness can also