Monday, January 28, 2008

White Children Cause Black Failure?

The unspeakably vicious anti-culture, which is also "dedicated to the proposition" that white children cause black failure, has no convincing argument as to why it should have more, rather than much less, power over against the citizenry.
Even to maintain such an anti-culture, requires a massive establishment of government schools, constantly smearing opponents of its further empowerment, so as to never itself be placed on the defensive.
Contemporary officialdom gravely damages hopes for the future and the continuity of civilization, by aggressively supporting the mass immigration of hostiles and affirmative action-eligibles. The worse the minority failures become, in absolute or relative magnitude, the more this official anti-culture may be seen to blame white children for it, and mistreat them as if they were responsible.
Contemporary officialdom is quite conspicuously NOT loyal to the citizenry that exists, but to a prospective one; one that promises enhancement of power through increase of conflict between ever-more-diverse and mutually hostile minorities.
This is a large part of the meaning of pro-diversity.


Anonymous said...


McCain won tonight..........................................That is senator Shamnesty McCain, who wanted to up the legal amount of immigrants from one million to three million.

I think the best thing all conservatives can do now is start sending Mitt Romney money. He is our only real chance as Huck is too far behind. McCain will push shamnesty again............probably early and not late so the voters "forget" about it by 2012 if he is elected.

It would actually be better to have Hillary or Obama than McCain, that way we'd have a shot in 12'.

Circumstances are truly getting dire, but many just dont see it yet. This nation gets a little more left-oriented every day due to immigration. If it doesn't stop, the Repubs probably wont be viable in 20 more years. I know the Repubs think they can garner immigrant votes with Jesus-mongering, but I dont think it will work. Most blacks go to church and vote Dem almost ninety-ten.

John S. Bolton said...

Yes indeed, McCain is a threat in the way you describe. Worse, if nominated he opens the way for the democrat to move even farther out in terms of waving-in foreign hostiles, net public subsidy-grabbing and left-loyal immigrants. Supporting McCain is like saying the American people are no good and deserve no loyalty.