Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Of The Wild Contradictions Of The Pro-Diversity (Anti-)Culture: Unified=Disunified, Cohesive=Non-Cohesive, Common Culture=No Common Culture?

"Further, as the ties that bind [Americans] together as [AMERICANS] disintegrate, individuals will turn to smaller and smaller groups for their basic social needs, especially security. This will further narrow the scope of loyalty..." The preceding quote has been changed to substitute 'Americans' for "Iraqis", and it is from : U.S. Army LTC Tony Pfaff on Development and Reform of the Iraqi Police Forces. Comparing this to officials' statements on how increasing and favoring diversity is riches and strength here, as against the above recognition of the obvious downside of diversity, in terms of division, when Iraq is being spoken of, it should be more easily realized; that officialdom does not believe its own propaganda on 'unity-in-diversity'.
And well they should not, if the idea is to serve power-greed by increasing divisions through increasing and favoring diversity, and especially favoring all that which is diverse from those most redoubtable against power-greed and its greater satisfaction through conflict.
A common culture needs breaking up, if power is to be increased through developing domestic conflict to the point where emergency powers can be easily used.
Here is presidential primary candidate McCain, who in '05 said:
"...our one shared faith is ...that a nation conceived in an idea ...will prove stronger ...than any nation ...made from a common ...culture ...". This exemplifies the official attitude, and it is one that reduces immediately to a contradiction-in-terms: it can't be our common culture to have no common culture. It is also contradictory to say that it can be our common loyalty to have no common loyalty, to fellow citizens over against foreigners; but loyalty to an non-national idea only, one that foreigners might share without thereby becoming citizens nor even wanting to. Enshrining such contradictions as the "common faith" narrows "the scope of loyalty" by atomizing the nation into valued 'diversity' of negations of true loyalty. Cohesion does not equal non-cohesion, the unified does not equal the disunified, and a common anti-culture of disloyalty to fellow citizens, relative to foreigners who enter our territories with aggression, serves power-greed when conflicts rise sufficiently high. Foreign war enhances the central power, and civil war does this even more effectively.

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