Saturday, January 19, 2008

SMEARARCHY: The History Of Ideas Of The Last 100 Years In One Probably Necessary Neologism

Smeararchy means the domination of the field of ideas, especially politicized ones, by the use of smearing, as when; opponents are accused or vilified and put on the defensive.
This device of smearing works by throwing the burden of proof on to the vilified, to prove that he is not some extreme character, when there are no rational arguments for moving in the direction preferred by the smeararchy.
The smeararchy forms up in politicized academic, cultural and political groupings, organizing around power-greed, serving it, and hoping to benefit from it. It uses false dilemma and slippery-slope smearing, to divert public awareness from its inability to provide convincing
arguments for motion in the direction of the greater satisfaction of power-greed.
It started in its current pattern around 100 years ago, rhetorically targeting social darwinism and racism, vilifying all opponents as social darwinist, racists, xenophobes etc., but never proving why a major move to the left and to the empowerment of officials, was necessary. To accomplish this, new smear-terms had to be invented continually. First Spencerian and prejudiced became social darwinist and racist, then a proliferation: sexist, classist, ableist, lookist and others; all to facilitate smearing. The terms get the opponents of increase of power over the citizenry, to try to disprove the smear-term's application to them, and thus fail to demand that the power-greedy make their case in a way that can carry conviction .
One crippling consequence of the rise of smeararchy is the reward toward increasing irresponsibility. The more irresponsible the smear-mongers become, the more their preferences tend to win, and irresponsibility of a more general kind overtakes the society which is thus dominated.

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