Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Inference Of Motive For The Favoring Of Mass Immigration Of Hostiles

The worse trouble we can expect from a foreigner, the more those who wish for more power, would prefer for that foreigner to be brought here, rather than one less hostile or less likely to do damage.
Motives can be inferred, on the part of those who know what they're about, in enthusing over immigration cohorts, when such official enthusiasm goes higher, as the cohort is more hostile or more damaging in general.
Power means the authority to do damage to people, not the ability to command them to do what they already want to do.
Therefore, the more such preference officials show for increasing damage, the more they wish for power in the above sense.
The more damage a group of immigrants can be expected to do, to the continuity of the advancement of civilization, the higher they are privileged by power-greedy officialdom and its scholars. The more damage of this kind such a group is expected to do, and the more they are able to do this to a society in proportion as that society has been resistant to dictatorship, the more that group will be awarded privilege of relative guiltlessness and no end of excuse-making. The motivation shows especially through the systematic character of the preferences for one group over another; the way increase of A predictably yields increase of B.

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Anonymous said...

This may explain such a "Hierarchy of Entitlement' as Bravenewworldwatch(see sidebar links) discusses in the posting of Sunday 28th October '07. To the extent that it does not explain such and such a hierarchy, it may be necessary to look to the requirements of effective exploitation of racial hatreds and gender resentments, etc. JSB