Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Should Openness To Diversity Of Arson Be Valued?

If only you can prevent forest fires, as the slogan has it, will this individual initiative include pressuring authorities to control the borders and the privileges of illegals and other foreign criminals within those boundaries, or not?
Would authorities tell us if they suspected that the Islamic War of Religion against the Infidel had instigated such fires?
FromFront Page Magazine's Jihad Watch ( Main ) January 15, 2008 :
"U.S. intel alerted to threat of 'Forest Fire Jihad'
We have heard this before. And it may just be another attempt to claim credit for something that jihadists actually have nothing to do with, the way Al-Qaeda claimed credit for the East Coast blackout a few years ago, in order to "strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah" (Qur'an 8:60). Or it may not be.
Also, don't miss this from Abu Musab Al-Suri: "Jihad is an art just like poetry, music, and the fine arts. There are people that draw and there are others that are jihadists. They both act upon inspiration.”
From the World Tribune (thanks to Morgan Sinclair):
U.S. officials monitoring terrorist web sites have discovered a call for using forest fires as weapons against “crusader” nations, in what may explain some recent wildfires in places like southern California and Greece.
A terrorist website was discovered recently that carried a posting that called for “Forest Jihad.” The posting was listed on the Internet on Nov. 26 and reported in U.S. intelligence channels last week.
The statement, in Arabic, said that “summer has begun so do not forget the Forest Jihad.”
The writer called on all Muslims in the United States, Europe, Russia and Australia to “start forest fires.” [...]
Wildfires in California burned more than 500,000 acres beginning in October and authorities said arson was to blame for some of the fires. In August, wildfires broke out in Greece that authorities say were deliberately set."


Anonymous said...

Ive brought this possibility up on a couple of blogs, and its usually dismissed. It would be a way to demoralize farms and rural areas and cost us a good hit on the morale front, but nobody seems to think so.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the links, Israel has had a long-standing problem of Palestinian terrorists setting fire to forests, scrublands etc.
The attraction is the cheapness and the small numbers needed to start them, and thus less worry that a group will be infiltrated, since only one or two terrorists are needed, even for synchronized attacks (al qaeda signature methods).
On your point of demoralizing small-town America, that seems unlikely to occur, if the disproportionate military recruitment from those areas indicates. It is the hyper-liberal places, such as certain hillside districts in LA, which are successfully terrorized to the point of agitating for appeasement of Islamic terrorists. Do Hollywood stars and executives, and other heavy-hitting contributors and public figures, tend to live in places vulnerable to such terror-threats? JSBolton