Monday, January 21, 2008

McCain Wouldn't Have Become Racist And Xenophobic, If Now Fences And Restriction Of Immigration Are All Right By Him?

Last year McCain smeared those with reservations on his positions regarding illegals, as being motivated by racial feeling and even diagnosable with 'xenophobia'. How is it these terms don't apply to him now, if he has indeed changed his positions towards what last year, was racism and xenophobia? Or does he have certified victim privilege on account of his history of suffering? McCain has still, not even one time, won the registered Republicans; In South Carolina, he came in one point behind Huckabee among registered Republicans, according to the exit polls. Huckabee had 32%, McCain 31%; that's not a first place, and the primaries coming up are for party-registered almost exclusively, and many are winner take all.
McCain appears to be a vector in many ways: of independent mischief-makers into Republican primary votes, of left-oriented approaches into legislation, and of undesirable aliens into places where they can do the most damage to civilization. He is often found to be the transmitting agent between the left and the right, but selectively of the unwholesome towards the healthier. Other candidates show a much more wholesome aspect, even unmistakably so.
Santorum transcript is here : source for McCain's characterization of colleagues and more


Audacious Epigone said...

McCain still hasn't one a single state among self-identified Republicans. While Democrats doubled their showing in Iowa, Republicans only increased their's by 9% (relative to 2000). In NH, Republican turnout dropped. Ditto South Carolina. Democratic turnout has been larger than either the '00 or '04 election cycles for all three of that party's votes. If McCain gets the GOP nod, I don't expect that to turn around. I certainly would never vote for him.

John S. Bolton said...

Nor would I, and the primaries from now on are thoroughly dominated by states where only the party-registered can vote.
How is one to support someone like McCain, who apparently believes we have too MUCH freedom of political publication here? While I still have this much, I will use it to oppose an enemy as brazen as that.