Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Remarkable Comments On Egalitarian Omerta

From www.2blowhards.com comments on posting of 6th Nov. '07 by gc:"Of course marginal tax rates affect tax receipts. But so does IQ. Of course bilingual policy affects immigrant assimilation. But so does IQ. Of course the educational curriculum affects achievement. But so does IQ.
Yet IQ is the factor that cannot be publicly mooted, let alone debated. And as for the reason that it cannot be debated -- that reason is even more doubleplusungood.
Anyway, by now it's a moot point. These taboos are not going to change anytime soon. Civilizations *do* die. The West had a 500 year run in which it was characterized by being the most willing to jettison holy lies in favor of truth. That willingness to embrace truth, regardless of where it may lead, lead to world beating power and unmatched material wealth. And eventually, it lead to contentment, relaxation, and subsequent immunocompromisation.[...]
Bottom line -- like a man with a sabotaged immune system, the West can no longer make self/nonself
At the heart of the immune system is the ability to distinguish between self and nonself. Virtually every body cell carries distinctive molecules that identify it as self.
And like a man with a damaged nervous system, the West's internal perceptions are out of sync with the external reality. Consider a hand on a hot stove. It does not matter if the lowly epithelial cells are burned by the million if the nerve cells refuse to communicate this truth to the seat of conscious action.
Similarly, the media is the nervous system of a civilization. The signals it chooses to amplify, dampen, or interpret control the response of the body. If paralyzed, it matters not if the body is hale and hearty and theoretically capable of action. A malfunctioning nervous system will leave an otherwise healthy body jerking around in response to phantasms of racism -- or directing its efforts against its own cells.[...]
Witness the reaction to Katrina: the fact that whites had to defend themselves against black looters somehow became an indictment of white racism. The obvious facts on the ground, the facts sensed by those lowly epithelial cells, were simply inverted by a compromised nervous system.
By selective signal amplification or damping one can make overlaps appear to be equalities. The signals exist -- they need not be made up out of whole cloth. One need only turn up the volume on (say) poor migrant workers stranded in the desert and turn down the volume on (say) anchor babies to achieve the desired effect without obvious fingerprints." JB comments: The media are not really like the nervous system, since signals can travel without intermediation, and through minor media which are not 'immunocompromised'. Not only the internet, but the major elections are often bigger than the major media in effect. Behind media are the sources of ideas in the government schools, and that establishment can be privatized or put down. This is more likely, the more that the electorate perceives the egalitarian anti-culture to be alien and malicious; and to actually pull off the coup-de-grace which the commenter expects, requires that such schools and media trafficking below them, become increasingly more openly malicious and alien, as to become explicitly servile to hostile foreign influences. This is what appears to be happening now, with the constant forcing of the immigration issues, and one does observe a snowballing 'immune response' as the pressure goes up, and the powerful and influential keep pushing politically as if immigration were the one and only political issue of note.

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